Kim Iversen Career And Political Party

Kim Iversen is an American independent political analyst who was born on March 28, 1980. Before this, she hosted a nationally syndicated radio discussion program called “Your Time with Kim Iversen,” for which she was best known.


She was one of the first and few women in national syndication at the time. However, she resigned from her radio job in January 2019 to launch her own YouTube program, “The Kim Iversen Show.” She started appearing as a guest co-host on The Hill’s Rising in June 2021.

What Is Known About The Early Life Of Kim Iversen?

Iversen’s father is the son of a small-town farmer, while her mother has Vietnamese ancestry. Her parents separated when she was three years old, and her father reared her alone in Idaho while her mother relocated to Southern California.

She loved playing the drums as a teenager and was awarded many music scholarships for college. Kim attended the University of California, Davis to study philosophy after graduating from Capital High School. She started writing for KDVS, the campus radio station, while still a student. She then relocated to New York City and worked as a contract news reporter for News 12 Network.


What Do We Know About Her Radio And Journalism Career?

Iversen began her radio career in college after becoming interested in it and securing internships at Sacramento stations KDVS and KDND. Kim began working weekends as an on-air host for “106.5 KWOD Alternative” at KWOD. She served as a co-host for the Lafayette, Indiana-based radio station WAZY-morning FM’s show, “The WAZY Wake-Up Crew with Big Jake and Kim Iversen.” Work on “Your Time with Kim Iverson” was started by Iversen.

The Austin Fashion Week awards ceremony was presented by Iversen. She launched The Kim Iversen Show on YouTube in 2019. She received a silver creator award for having more than 100,000 subscribers and was one of thirty Serena Shim Awards for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism laureates.

Kim Iversen

What Is Kim Iversen’s Net Worth?

Kim Iversen’s profitable profession as a YouTuber has allowed her to live comfortably. Despite not disclosing her actual net worth, sources estimate it to be $750,000.Kim’s forthcoming projects and investments will undoubtedly result in increased earnings.


Is Kim Iversen On Any Other Social Platform Apart From Youtube?

Kim Iversen is quite active on social media, posting images regularly in addition to YouTube. She has more than 22.6K Facebook fans and 17.1K Instagram followers. Additionally, Kim deactivated her Twitter account, writing on her Instagram page that she hates Twitter.

 What is Known About Kim Iversen Political Association?

Regarding the political party she supports, not much is known. But she stated it in one of her tweets. I’m casting a pure Republican vote; I’m not writing anyone else in. I want to have the best chance possible of eradicating censorship, vax passports, and totalitarian dictates. Stopping these autocrats right now is more important to me than anything else.