Levels Of A Wolf Pack Hierarchy

A wolf pack normally consists of 1-20 wolves. Although the average pack consists of almost 6-15 wolves. However in any pack, ranks are the most important aspect. They’re essential because they help maintain social protocol and determine each wolf’s specific role. 


A wolf pack hierarchy is a constantly changing movement. Each wolf demands a higher rank and are willing to do the impossible for that. Although ranks might be awarded on the basis of family also. If a wolf is born in a high ranking family, its rank will automatically be higher. 

Wolf Pack Ranks

There are three main terminologies to cater after when talking about wolf pack ranks. Alpha, Beta and Omega. Similarly, the Alpha wolf is the leader and face of the whole pack. Beta is the second most influential wolf in the lot. Then comes a mid-ranking wolf that lies in the middle. At last, the Omega wolf is rather a submissive one and easily gives other wolves authority over themselves. 

The Alpha

The Alpha rank comprises of two wolves, an alpha male and alpha female. Both of them are supposed to work together in order to lead the pack, safeguard its members and maintain discipline. The alpha wolf is the strongest, fiercest and most respected wolf in the whole pack. They sort of represent the whole pack in front of the enemy. 


At certain times, the alpha wolf doesn’t consist of the strongest or largest wolf in the pack but the one who is able to assert dominance over other wolves in the pack. The alpha wolf has to always stay resilient and aggressive because they can even get challenged by a wolf of their own pack. If an alpha runs away from the pack or dies, the second most influential wolf in the pack gets elected as alpha. 

The Beta

The word Beta is derived from Greek origins. It describes someone who comes right after the person at the top or second best. Large packs have a beta wolf who is responsible for the activities of the pack after the alpha. Beta is a sort of deputy. He is the most feared wolf after the alpha couple. Although beta is a position that has always been covered by males but in some unique cases, a woman holds up the mantle. Beta is also often considered as the right hand man of the alpha. The alpha and his beta often walk side by side whilst hunting. 

The relationship between an alpha and his beta is a rather close one. Mostly, the beta wolf is the alpha’s offspring and would do anything to defend the leader’s honour. The bond between an alpha and his beta is widely renowned as one of the most trustworthy of ones. 



The mid-ranking wolves of the pack are also known as subordinates. They are undoubtedly the most active members of any pack. This rank mainly consists of experienced, elder and respected wolves. Although some young ones might be included who are invested onto showing their worth. Mid-ranking wolves are submissive towards the alpha and the beta but might take control in their absence. They are also responsible for protecting the pack from outsiders. 

The Omega

The omega wolves are the most submissive, weak and bullied wolves of the whole group. They welcome sufferings from the whole pack into their way. It’s not a case of nature for them. The omega wolves are groomed and raised in this manner. Omega wolves also get the least food and that too after everyone has been served. These poor souls also have a hard time finding a mate because they are the last rank of a pack