Lightening Strike White House 3 Dead


A couple was recently triggered by a lightening strike outside the White House and were found dead on spot. They were from Wisconsin and were celebrating more than 50 years of their happy marriage. 

Another victim was caught dead in the lightening strike on Friday evening. Another one was hospitalised. 

Loss Of Life At White House

James Mueller (76) and Donna Mueller (75) were from Janesville, Wisconsin. They were pronounced dead on Thursday when an unexpected lightening struck them. The event took place near Lafayette Park which is located directly outside the White House Complex. 


The third victim was a male, almost 30 years of age. He was declared dead after a day of suffering. The fourth injured person was a woman. The police didn’t reveal much of their current state or identity. 

Authorities didn’t reveal much either. Just the fact that people were in critical condition in reliance to the lightening that struck them. No information was also released as to how they got injured. 

The Muellers

According to the Mueller’s niece, Michelle McNett, the couple was celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary. The couple had 5 children and 10 grandchildren also. “They were very, very family oriented. I think everyone’s just in shock right now and kind of request privacy.” Michelle told the paper. 


James Mueller was a retired contractor who owned his own business. Donna Mueller was a retired teacher and worked at a local furniture store back in Wisconsin. It is still unknown as to why did the couple opt for the political hub to spend their vacation. But Michelle said that “Donna was a constant learner.”

According to their niece, they were very “religious” as well. 

The Secret Service officers and park officials were there at the time of the lightening strike. They also offered first aid to the victims with everything they could. Medical support arrived at the park around 7pm to transfer all critically injured people to hospital. 

“We are saddened by the tragic loss of life after the lightning strike in Lafayette Park,” stated White House Press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. “Our hearts are with the families who lost loved ones, and we are praying for those still fighting for their lives.”