Love Lost And Found Movie

An enjoyable film, which features stunning panoramic shots of mountains, night and daytime skies, waterfalls, streams, wildlife, and wilderness terrain, is enhanced by lovely music throughout. Two couples learn where their true hearts truly lie and who they should spend their lives within the love story Love, Lost and Found, which has a 180-degree twist ending.


What’s The Storyline And Who Plays Who In The Movie “Love, Lost and Found”?

Internet influencer Joey (Jake Stormoen) is thrilled to whisk his lovely girlfriend Claire (Danielle C. Ryan) away from her hectic schedule and into the wilderness. Claire stumbles over the cliff’s edge into the mountain stream below while trying to take a photo. Joey and Claire are separated from one another and in danger because he can’t get to her and falls down the mountainside. Natalie (Melanie Stone), a forest ranger, discovers Joey flat on his back and hurt but safe as they both struggle in the forest. Claire is in the middle of a forest in the dark when she hears animal sounds, which inspires her to climb a tree.

Colt McCoy (Trevor Donovan), an old flame, arrives as Claire’s ground rescuer on horseback. But Claire won’t come down and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He slips and falls while scaling the tree to reach her, hurting his back and shattering his SAR radio in the process. Both couples encounter difficulties as they get to know one another, including rainstorms and chilly nights in the wilderness. Joey is impressed by Natalie’s knowledge of nature and how much they share. And Claire is forced to cuddle up with Colt in the chilly night air under a blanket.

Love Lost and Found Movie

Claire is still upset about having to report to work on Monday. Colt makes an effort to get Claire to notice the beauty of the surroundings in the natural world. Has her desire for success distorted her judgment? While Joey and Natalie encourage one another to pursue their dreams, Colt and Claire reflect on the past and wonder what happened to them.


Where Was The Movie “Love, Lost & Found” Shot?

Love, Lost & Found features a beautiful landscape of farms and trees. And according to the online movie database IMDb, the entire movie was filmed in Utah. More specifically, a significant portion of the movie was filmed in Provo, Utah. Provo is the third-largest city in Utah, according to the uninitiated. It is situated along the Wasatch Front, south of Salt Lake City. After Provo, the romantic film was filmed in various locations in Heber City, Utah in the United States. Wasatch County’s northwest region contains Heber City. It is a tiny city with a small population.

Overall, Love, Lost and Found is a thoughtful film that emphasizes the value of giving second chances. And accepting the help of kind people in your life.