Michael Thomas Complete Injury History

The saints were intrigued as they thought they’ll have a fully fit Michael Thomas at their disposal this season. All of their dreams were shattered in a blink of an eye. What at first glance seemed like a minor foot injury, has transformed into something much worse. Michael Thomas first contracted the injury in week 3 and was deemed to be back in a short tenure. 


Thomas was imminently taken out of the lineup and it had many Saints fans worrying. However, the Saints just recently revealed that Michael Thomas’ situation seems serious and could potentially keep him out for the whole season. 

When Was Michael Thomas Injured? For How Long Is Michael Thomas Out?

Saints fans would not fancy hearing this but Michael Thomas’ toe injury is going to keep him out for the whole season. Despite the physios giving out positive feedback of his injury in week 3, it seems it was all just a rushed prediction.

But coach Dennis Allen knew what was going to happen. He explained on Thursday, November 3, that he knew Thomas is going to miss the rest of the season. Some doctors are still working on his injury and are optimistic that he will be able to return in week 13. However, that possibility was also ruled out as Thomas isn’t entirely healthy to get into recovery mode so soon. 


If what everyone is predicting turns out to be true then Thomas’ future would be out on the line. Thomas’ absence from the whole season points towards the stats of him playing only 10 of the potential 50 games over the course of three seasons. 

What Injuries Did Michael Thomas Have? 

In December 2020 Thomas severely injured his right ankle for the second over the span of four months. In December he was declared to miss the rest of the season. Yet he somehow managed to return for the playoffs. 

Similarly in October 2020, Thomas Michael got injured after pulling his left hamstring in a practice session. He missed plenty of game time due to that and due to his fight with a teammate as well. 


In September 2020 Michael Thomas contracted a high ankle sprain in the very first game of the season. That cost him four contents. Analysts believe that this injury was the start of his injury-prone career. That’s because it was the first time Michael Thomas had missed more than one game in his career. 

In December 2016 Thomas was targeted by another injury and it was the only other injury that cost him game time. In 2016’s December, Thomas contracted an ankle injury but it didn’t stop him from losing a significant amount of game time. He missed just one game and returned in great shape for the rest of the season.