Mike Tyson Falls Off A Hoverboard

Mike Tyson is inarguably one of the best hitters in the world of boxing. Often referred to as “Iron Mike”, he successfully completed 44 knockouts in a total of 58 professional fights. Tyson has also shown some of the most elite names in the world of boxing what he’s all about. 


Mike Tyson has been a machine all his life and hasn’t had much of getting knocked down throughout his career. However, he was imminently knocked down by a mere hoverboard. Let’s dissect the whole scenario and how he slipped off from a board that had only two wheels on it.

You guys must’ve seen a lot of hoverboard fails on the internet and that’s all because of a sole reason, balance. When it comes down to the game of mastering the art of hoverboarding, all you need to excel in is balance. 

You maintain a good stature and pose, you’re good to go. You go back and forth depending on your balance. If one is putting all of their weight in front, the board will move forward and when the weight is put on the back, one moves backward. 


Nevertheless, Mike Tyson had set up a camera and got on a hoverboard whilst what looked like a recording. Tyson’s intention was to move closer to where he had set the camera. But little did he know that he was never going to be able to reach there. As soon as Tyson leans forward and surfs toward the camera, he suddenly loses his balance and falls into an unorthodox and dangerous position. He hits his head on the floor directly. 

What Is Mike Tyson’s Fighting Record?

Mike Tyson was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York on June 30, 1966. Iron Mike officially made his debut in the boxing ring at the age of 18 against Hector Mercedes. His debut match occurred on March 6, 1985. Tyson is probably the biggest name in the boxing paradigm with his idol being the legendary Muhammad Ali. Mike Tyson’s fighting record is 50-6-1. He is a former heavyweight world champion as well. 

Mike Tyson’s Current Net Worth?

Mike Tyson has never been one to turn away from the spotlight. May it be his illustrious boxing career or troubles with the law, he always managed to stay in the news. He has remained an icon for years and has even shown his ability in acting.


All this points us all toward the question of what is Mike Tyson’s net worth. Well as of now, Mike Tyson has a net worth of $10 million. That’s quite shocking because Iron Mike was worth miles off what he is worth now back in his boxing days. Nonetheless, it’s still a potent figure of numbers. 

How Much Money Has Mike Tyson Made In His Life?

As already mentioned above, Mike Tyson has had his ups and downs but it never got him to stay away from the limelight. He always made it all the way to the flashes. Now may it be his extraordinarily prolific career or drama-filled personal life. According to several reports, Tyson earned around a significant $375 million through his boxing career and altogether a potent $430 million with endorsements and cameos amalgamated.