Most Exotic Black Sand Beaches In The World

Beaches have a vibe to them that a lot people are lured in the trap. Most people around the globe plan their vacations to a beachside area. However, have you ever gone to a black sand


? There’s nothing more aesthetic than it. 

Before getting onto the list of the best black sand beaches, you need to know how they are formed. The black sand generally comes from eroded volcanic substances, for example lava. Some other dark colored rocks and minerals are also involved in the deed 

Best Black Sand Beaches

Reynisfjara, Iceland

The thing about Reynisfjara is that its the most popular beach for series or film shootings. Both Game of Thrones and Star Wars have filmed particular scenes here at the Reynisfjara beach in Iceland. Reynisfjara undoubtedly takes you to another planet. The volcanic black sand and raging waves give you a pleasure that you might have never felt before. Just viewing its images makes your heart melt then imagine how would you feel once you’re there. It should definitely have the top spot on your list. 


Kaimu, Hawaii

Hawaii is already the most famous place for a beachside holiday and this new black sand beach formed there makes it even better. Its already become a global favorite but unfortunately you’re not allowed to swim there. That’s due to the raging and strong waves. The setting of this beach delightful as its surrounded by coconut trees and volcanic sand. This beach was formed in 1990. 

Kamari Beach, Greece

As you all might already know that Greece is a place that is rich in cultural and mythological history. Apart from that, Greece gives you a number of holiday spots that you must visit. One of them is the Kamari beach in Santorini. Yes, Greece offers one of the finest black sand beaches in the entire world. To further prove its cause, Santorini sits at the edge of a volcano that is perhaps the reason why this beach was formed. Many tourists from around the world visit Santorini just to get a glance of the Kamari beach. The locals are fans too. 

Playa Negra, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is not only filled with normal white sand beaches, its home to a few black sand beaches as well. The finest of them all is the Playa Negra beach in Puerto Rico. This beach in Vieques was formed due to the volcanic eruptions beneath its surface hence giving it a darker tone. As mentioned above, its located in the Caribbean sea so its clear for swimming and other activities. One surprise fact about Vieques is that the locals were unaware of its existence until 2004. 


Diamond Beach, Iceland

Another Iceland’s masterclass beach, the Diamond beach is truly a magnificent place. It’s regarded as one of the top few black sand beaches in the world as well. The ice falls in such a way that it makes viewers feel that there are actual diamonds thrown all around the beach. When a significant amount of ice melts, the other few are waiting to get formed. You can find ice 24/7 on the surface of the Diamond beach in Iceland. Once you pay this black sand beach a visit, you’ll never see a beach the same way.