Nicest Celebrities In Real Life

Some celebrities have managed to steal the spotlight for not being just talented or good-looking but for being too nice. These public figures have been making time for everyone, from a loyal fan to a restaurant waiter. 


In this article we have decided to talk about some the most nicest celebrities because as you know, it costs nothing to be nice. 

LeBron James

The NBA star-cum-legend LeBron James is best known for his kindness and ample charity work. He has also opened up the foundation for the cause, the LeBron James Family Foundation. Back in 2018, he also opened up a school that provided free meals and education to children. 

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is probably the nicest human being on the planet let alone the celebrity. He actively takes part in surprising people with his sudden appearance. He has been spotted making wedding and hospital visits on a number of occasions now. To make it even better, Buzzfeed UK also posted an article on him stating all the reasons why Ed Sheeran is the nicest. 


George Clooney

This man was the crush of almost every girl when they were young. George Clooney has always fallen into the category of being a great guy. Regardless of all the name, fame, and money he has, he has always been humble and nice. Although it takes no amount of time for a great guy to turn into an idiot George has always maintained his class. 

David Beckham

David Beckham is not only good at Football, looking handsome at all times, and being a great family man but he is also really good at being nice to people. You can always see him doing charity or being extra polite to the fans. People close to him always mention how good of a guy he is and how he never loses his cool. Sometimes I start to wonder that even we are not that kind and cool and of course, good-looking. 

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks also gets a spot on our list because he is so down to earth. His co-actors always mention how easy Tom is to work with. Tom Hanks is a great husband as well. One thing that I like the most about him is that he has never been included in a scandal. Most actors do get a scandal or two wrapped around their necks but Tom has been free of that for almost all of his career. 


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman carries an aura that probably a few Hollywood actors do. You can always see him with a big smile on his face. He can be extremely funny at times that too without losing his class.

Whenever he is chased down by a fan, he willingly takes a picture with them and always keeps that big old smile on. A video of him was gone viral with a fan on an event where he transformed into his Wolverine role and was roaring with his admirer. He was even shocked by the vigor of the fan.