Orange County Court Group 9 Candidates: Alison Kerestes And Fay Olga Pappas

Voters in the counties of Orange and Osceola in Group 9 had to decide between a former prosecutor and a personal injury lawyer to fill a vacancy for Circuit Judge. In the race for the position of circuit judge in Group 9 for Orange and Osceola counties, Florida’s Polk County Court candidate Fay Olga Pappas went up against Alison Kerestes. Alison Kerestes, in contrast, defeated Fay Olga Pappas by garnering 55.1% of the vote, while Fay Olga received 44.1%. Let’s Know More About The Candidates And Their Political Journeys:


Political Party:

Fay Olga Pappas Political Party, And Election Campaign:

At the Bailey Fisher law office, Pappas, 35, represents clients in the areas of nursing home abuse, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Pappas, a University of Florida law school graduate, said she is passionate about assisting people via public service, whether it be defending the rights of former farm workers near toxic Lake Apopka or speaking out on behalf of victims of domestic abuse. She mentioned how witnessing a family member nearly lose everything due to an injustice done to him and the judge in that case recognizing and righting that wrong put me on this lawyer field.”

She claimed that she would bring to the table her compassion and willingness to serve those who have less. According to Pappas, who stated that attention to detail and an unmatched work ethic are crucial qualities for judges. She differs from Kerestes, because of her experience in complex civil litigation and track record of intervening to “make a difference.”

Alison Kerestes Political Party, And Election Campaign:

After graduating from Florida State University’s law school in 2006, Kerestes, 44, claimed she started working as a prosecutor, where she handled a variety of cases involving domestic violence, felonies, and juvenile delinquency. She also worked on instances involving sexual predators who needed to be civilly committed, such as Tommie Lee Andrews. She left the state attorney’s office in 2014 to work for private companies before starting her practice, where she focuses on criminal defense, family law, debt collection, foreclosures, and evictions.


The candidate stated, “I talked to many, many victims and police officers, but I also had many, many conversations with criminal defendants and their family members.” I’ve got to look at it from both sides since I’ve been on both civil and criminal sides, she further added. I just hope to bring a balanced perspective to the bench and a lot of courtroom experience. Given that I have experience on both the civil and criminal sides, I must consider it from both perspectives. Due to her experience, Kerestes asserted that she would be a better fit for the job than her rival.


Fay Olga Pappas won 91,180 votes in the election for Orange and Osceola Counties Circuit Judge. Nevertheless, Alison Kerestes won with 115,533 votes. As a result, in the primary election for Florida’s 9th Circuit Court, Alison Kerestes defeated Fay Olga Pappas without a contest.