Otis Williams’ Net Worth: $8 Million

Otis Williams' Net Worth: $8 Million
Otis Williams' Net Worth: $8 Million

Williams, popularly known as “Big O,” and “Big Daddy”. He is an famous American singer. Otis William’s net worth is $8 million. He was born in Texarkana, Texas, in October 1941 and is the last surviving original member of “The Temptations.”

Otis William the last original member of The Temptations
Otis William the last original memebr of The Temptations

Highest Paid Singer

In 2020, it looked like the singer’s spectacular career was winding down. However, things took a turn for him. Williams announced on September 14th that his income for August 2021-August 2022 would be an astounding $96 million, over $60 million more than the second highest performer.

How Otis Williams Has Massive Net Worth?

He is also known as Big Daddy. Williams came up with many singing groups that gained success because of his incredible work in music. Moreover, as a teenager, he started music bands, including Otis Williams and the Siberians, The El Domingoes, and the Distants. Williams received an honorary doctorate in 2006 from Stillman College.

Hit Songs

In March 1961, Williams was signed to Motown. The Temptations sold tens of millions of albums and released 43 studio albums with their hit singles. Here is the list of his hit songs:

  • My Girl
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
  • Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
  • Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

These songs were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. In addition, they got accepted into the R&B Music Hall of Fame. Over the years, The Temptations had over 20 members, but Williams remains the last original member. He has been married three times. Williams dated Patti LaBelle, Florence Ballard from The Supremes. His current girlfriend is Awilda Wright from New Zealand. In June 2004, a death hoax spread on Facebook about Williams, but he is alive and well today.

Learning about his hard work and success, one would not be surprised to know that Otis William’s net worth is $8 Million