Outstanding Cast But The Uneven Sci-fi film “Needle In A Time Stack” Disappoints.

When you think you’ve seen it all, they make a cheesy sci-fi melodrama about two men using time travel to compete over a lady. “Needle in a Time stack,” joins the regrettably expanding list of sci-fi romances. Bit it is not even close to being as endearing as “About Time.” What it does have is a world with unique laws in which time traveler’s unavoidable side effect, called “jaunting.” And the waves are known as “time shifts,” paralyzing everyone. Even though the film can infatuate with its originality, nobody else finds it enjoyable. The movie is equally as awkward and overdone as its title, which has already caused titters online.


About The Film:

American-made Needle in a Time Stack is influenced by Robert Silverberg’s short story of the same name. John Ridley, an Oscar Award winner, wrote and directed the film. The outstanding cast features Freida Pinto as Alex Leslie, and Leslie Odom Jr. as Nick Mikkelsen. And the Cynthia Erivo as Janine Mikkelsen, Orlando Bloom as Tommy Hambleton, and Jadyn Wong as Zoe Mikkelsen.

Plot And Fans Review:

The genre of science fiction romance has been portrayed in movies extremely well. The film “Needle in a Time stack” didn’t seem to appeal to the viewers all that much. The audience perceived the piece as being more disturbing than entertaining.

The plot film is set in a vaguely futuristic society where time travel is pervasive and used occasionally by everyone. But when Nick begins to worry that Tommy, Janine’s ex-boyfriend. It may utilize time travel to split up the couple and if successful in doing so, their happy marriage can unravel.


Nick implements a strategy to stop Tommy’s efforts to turn the situation around. Viewers felt that the first half had a lot of pointless add-ons and was underwhelming in terms of money. Many also appeared to find the unnecessary too romantic contemplation annoying.

Should You Watch “Needle In A Time Stack”?

Needle in the Time stacks seemed to have failed with its portrayal, despite having a strong cast. A screenplay that had promise, and direction by Oscar-winning writer John Ridley. Despite Ridley’s emotionally charged lines, the connection between the couples seemed to be lacking throughout the entire film. The viewers became less interested in the couples. Because of Nick and Tommy’s devotion, Janine is seen as a mere object of their affection rather than as a person with a unique personality.

Despite coming from Ridley and having brilliant actors on board, the film is undoubtedly lacking in its potential to win any awards. Sincerely, there isn’t much to say when you consider the great individuals who worked on the film. However, there are a few positive aspects of the movie, such as scenes involving Tommy and Alex and the presence of Nick’s sister, who is present because of her logical voice. So it’s risky to give this uneven melodramatic film a chance.


Howeverif you want to watch this movie it is available in a few theaters. You can also stream this by renting or buying it from websites like Google Play Movies, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime Videos, AMC on Demand, and YouTube.