Shenzhen’s Significant Population Growth Over The Years

Shenzhen is a city in China that is situated along the eastern bank of the Pearl River. It used to be a town that was home to only 30,000 people but now it has grown more into a metropolis that is home to millions now. 


Shenzhen is located in the Guangdon province of China and it is on route to become one of worlds largest metropolitan areas. In 2016, the population of Shenzhen was recorded at 10.8 million, an increment from 2014’s 10.7 million. The main reason for their success was the city’s role in foreign investment. This led to the city being a technological hub from a small market town. Shenzhen also has one of the busiest airports in China. Similarly, they have the third most busy container port in China. 

The main reason for such a boom in the city’s population are logistics, high technology, cultural industries and financial services. This has allowed the city to get evolved as a whole over the last 35 years. The city was also ranked in the list of top 10 cities in China for expatriates. Expatriates tend to choose Shenzhen over many other cities because of its vast job opportunities and cultural tolerance. It was even voted as the city with the most Migrant Workers in 2014. 

The most common language in Shenzhen is Mandarin, making it the only city in Guangdong for adopting the use of it. However, most businessmen and public workers adopt the usage of English in most aspects. Some young people also use English as a mode of conduct. 


37% of the religious beliefs in Shenzhen are old Chinese folk religions. 26% of the massive lot chose Buddhism as their main religion. 

What Is The Population Of Shenzhen In 2022

The current state of the metro area population of Shenzhen is calculated at 12.8 million (12,831,000). Thats a staggering 1.9% increment from 2021, 12.5 million (12,592,000). 

Is Shenzhen A Megacity?

Shenzhen's Significant Population Growth Over The Years

In todays world, Shenzhen is classified as a Megacity due to their vast population. The city’s most population was boosted by internal migration. According to some studies, over 90% of the residents in Shenzhen are Han Chinese. 


How Many Foreigners Live In Shenzhen?

Shenzhen's Significant Population Growth Over The Years

At present, more than 30,000 foreigners work and live in the city. Many of them have had a direct impact in the city’s economic welfare and social development. Most of them reside in Shekou, an area situated near the city’s downtown

What Was The Population of Shenzhen In 1980?

In 1980, the population of the city was recorded at 58,983. That was a significant increment from 1979’s 52,390. However in the year 1981, Shenzhen touched greater horizons with a population of 67,822. A conniving growth compared to the year 1980