Sister Jean, The Nation’s Favorite Nun Participate In March Madness With Loyola-Chicago

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 17: Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt celebrates after the Loyola Ramblers beat the Tennessee Volunteers 63-62 in the second round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament at the American Airlines Center on March 17, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Ask Sister Jean, It’s never too late to try something new. The 102-year-old team chaplain and beloved nun of America, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, went to Pittsburgh on Wednesday with Loyola-Chicago. She has never been to the city before. But she is not visiting for sightseeing. Loyola is participating in the NCAA men’s tournament for the second consecutive year for the first time since 1964, the year it won the national championship.


Sister Jean stated, “I’m pleased to come here because the NCAA chose (Pittsburgh) to be the place of the games.” “Our squad has been discussing this all year, even before the season started. We were delighted when we won the conference because we had been considering it all week.

Loyola Surprising March To The Final Four In 2018

Sister Jean has integrated herself into March Madness just as much as brackets and buzzer-beaters have since Loyola’s surprising march to the Final Four in 2018. She was addressed by Jimmy Fallon in his monologue on Tuesday, and she is a part of a prop bet. She will undoubtedly show many times if you watch any of the tournament coverage on Friday while sporting her Loyola letter jacket and her maroon-and-yellow scarf.

Fun Facts About Every Tourney Team: 

From blood-shooting lizards to elephant races. Even though Sister Jean loves being in the spotlight, how could she not? She is happy with everything in life, fame hasn’t affected her outlook. The thing that makes her happiest is being with the Ramblers and watching them perform. She’s glad to take photos when people stop her while she’s out strolling “that’s figuratively speaking, I’m in a wheelchair” – and give interviews.


She remarked, “I have a lot of fun with our squad; they’re great guys.

Although she wouldn’t reveal it if she had, Sister Jean hasn’t finished her scouting report on the Buckeyes. But before she gathers with the Ramblers to pray before they go outside for their last warmups, she’ll have finished it.

Sister Jean

She continued, “I always tell them this, they have to play with their brains, their heart, their hands, and their feet. “Sister Jean, why our feet?” they yell. Because you must take those quick breaks and proceed. Sister Jean expressed her dissatisfaction with the selection committee last year in no uncertain terms, feeling that Loyola deserved to be higher than an eighth seed. When the Ramblers defeated top-seeded Illinois in the second round, she was proved right.


She doesn’t mind that Loyola is this year’s 10th-seeded team. The Ramblers are not the same team who won the tournament in 2018, even though star player Lucas Williamson returned for the additional year made possible by COVID.

Head Coach At Oklahoma

Porter Moser left to become the head coach at Oklahoma, and Drew Valentine took his place. Both Ryan Schwieger, Loyola’s third-leading scorer, and Chris Knight, a starter for the second half of the season, are Ivy League transfers. Only recently has Loyola’s renowned suffocating defense returned.

However, Sister Jean claims that the team from the previous year had certain similarities. to the one from 2018, as well. She remarked, “They play as a team. Whoever puts the ball in the basket is fine with this squad as long as it doesn’t bounce out again.