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Change is necessary, but only for Texas at this point. The state has changed, so it is time for a change. Recent years have changed. Texas has changed much since a few years ago. Here we have followed the news coverage of the most recent elections and the developments in Texas. Both the state and the people of southeast Texas are fantastic. The people are the only thing that has changed. The situation has altered. Not just in terms of how individuals are changing, but also in terms of how Texans are changing. And without a question, change has a role in it. That is the reason why it is currently in the headlines.


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Was Forced To Resign

The state government has started looking into whether Lt. Governor Dan Patrick should replaced or forced to resign. Just a few days after the Texas Legislature enacted a bill granting the governor the authority to choose a new governor. The investigation has been ongoing for some months. Sen. John Cornyn prevented Lt. Governor Dan Patrick from requesting a fresh hearing date during the session.

Even if the governor picks the lieutenant governor, this does not imply that the lieutenant governor the governor’s preferred candidate. The lieutenant governor can appoint all other state officials and has all the authority of a governor. However, the lieutenant governor, who has been urging the governor to nominate him, said this week that he is stepping down from the office of governor.

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The lieutenant governor, according to some, isn’t a viable option for the governor. The person who chosen by the governor to serve as lieutenant governor performs all of the functions of a governor. The lieutenant governor has the authority of a senator because he is a senator himself. That implies that he has the authority to conduct hearings and reach decisions that the senate must approve. The lieutenant governor made his resignation from his office public.


A woman who has been elected twice to the position of lieutenant governor. Noting that she is not a Republican is also important. She is a Democrat, in actuality. She is a woman who renowned for supporting human existence. Numerous of her choices have had an impact on state life. She will decide on the state’s whole Medicaid program. She is the one who chooses whether or not the state will pay for abortions, in other words.

This governor’s comment serves as a reminder to everyone that not all laws in our land created equally. We are a nation of laws, and those who dedicate their lives to disobeying them should apprehended and put on trial. This is one of those instances where no one will held responsible if what was done was not unlawful.

Southeast Texas as a whole is currently in a mess. They have suggested extending Medicaid to all women and men residing in the state, and they have expanded Medicaid (this is just the beginning of the expansion). Governor Greg Abbott has asked for a three-year hold on new Medicaid expansion money and a $300 million cut to the state’s Medicaid budget.