Experience the Unique Blend of Coffee and Olive Oil with Starbucks’ Latest Launch in Italy

Experience the Unique Blend of Coffee and Olive Oil with Starbucks' Latest Launch in Italy
Unique Blend of Coffee and Olive Oil with Starbucks Latest Launch in Italy


The most famous company Starbucks coffee brand introduce their new coffee “Olive Oil Coffee” in Italy. Olive Oil Coffee is also called Oleato which means coffee with oil according to the brand.


The Coffee is available in a few areas of Italy locations from Wednesday. They are bringing this new product to southern California in spring. Other countries Japan, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom will also start selling this coffee later this year.  

New Coffee Olive Oil idea generation:

The idea of introducing this coffee came from CEO Howard Schultz when the trip of a few people goes to Italy. In that Trip, the CEO Howard is also included and the trip is ongoing in summer. During the trip, Howard analyzes that the people of Italy Sicilians are drinking olive oil in their daily routine. After that, he thinks that the brand will mix olive oil and coffee and start selling in Italy.

Rich, luxurious, golden Coffee:

The starting lineup of the Olive oil coffee will ingrain the olive oil into the Starbucks Caffe Latte, cold foam, and Iced Shaken Espresso. The Olive oil of Partanna is steamed with the oat milk which is for a latte and shaken in the iced espresso drink. It will ingrain in vanilla sweet cream foam to make the golden foam that will be in the cold brews.


The people who want customize drinks also have the option to order the Partanna olive oil drink. The Chief marketing officer of Starbucks Brady Brewer said that when we did that it will make a luxurious and richer drink that most people will use. 

There is a popular way that is provided by the brand is to customize its coffee by changing its texture. The coffee cold foam which is launched in 2018 is the most popular ordered modifier as consumer switch to drinking many iced beverages.

The advantage of this new coffee Olive oil is to maintain people’s health. According to studies, if someone consumes olive oil it will lower inflammation and also help the health of the heart. The celebrity Kourtney Kardashian was sponsored by drinking olive oil when startups such as Saint Supply are selling olive oil.


Howard Schultz’s about Olive Oil Coffee:

Howard Schultz’s about Olive Oil Coffee:

When Howard was a marketing director at Starbucks Company, he goes on a trip in 1983 and then suggest this idea to their upper manager. On that trip, he goes to the espresso bars and then is impressed with them.

But their bosses of Howard didn’t agree with their decision that’s why Schultz make his coffee chain. The name of Howard’s new coffee chain is Giornale and then suddenly he bought the Starbucks brand. After buying the brand he merges the two chains and now he is growing the Giant Company.


The Giant Coffee brand introduce its new coffee which is named Oleato in a few areas of Italy. Oleato coffee contains olive oil in it. A company trying to expand this product in other countries this year.

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