The Beginning After The End Review

A review of Kkeut-i Anin Sijag, commonly known as The Beginning After The End. It is a high-fantasy manhwa that was produced by Fuyuki23 and TurtleMe. However, it immerses the reader in an elegantly written fantasy isekai story. It is entertaining to read and has a compelling storyline. If you enjoy fantasy and adventure, you should read this.


although, King Grey, the main character of this high-fantasy manhwa, dies in a previous life and resurrects as Arthur Leywin. However, a little child who just so happens to be born in a magical time filled with adventure and imagination.

What Is Good About The Beginning After The End?

Like many others, I think reading The Beginning After The End is a thrilling and exciting experience. However, there are a ton of fantastic characters, tales, and mysteries in it.

The Beginning After the End Review


After dying, King Grey, an incredibly strong and wealthy fighter, is resurrected as Arthur Leywin in a brand-new universe. However, amazing magic, enigmatic secrets, and horrifying bloodthirsty monsters exist on this new planet. Grey is given a second chance to start over in life as Arthur Leywin, giving him the priceless opportunity to learn from his previous mistakes. And rebuild his reputation as a highly esteemed man in his new life on the island of Dicathen.


Art Form

The work is quite distinctive, and I have to say that Fuyuki23’s usage of color palettes is great. However, the character portrayal is great, and the colors truly bring the mystical aspects to life.


The characters are great in every way! They are incredibly distinctive, and their personality fit their character designs like a suit. They are so close to what you would expect them to be in reality. I should also add that occasionally, simply by looking at the character designs, you can tell a character is going to be trouble.

Extended Chapters

The manhwa contains a few lovely, lengthy chapters with exquisitely detailed art. There is nothing worse than having short chapters and constantly having to wait for the next release, therefore I have to admit that this is something I always look for in a manhwa.


Simple Novel

I can’t wait to read the newest chapters as they are published in the manhwa, which is based on TurtleMe’s original light novels.

What’s Bad About the Beginning After the End?


The Beginning After the End has nothing negative that comes to mind. I’ll concede that in some chapters the characters have grown long feet, but that could be the angle they are facing and is a simple mistake to make.


In general, I would recommend picking up The Beginning After The End right away if you haven’t already. Sincerity is damned, it is a great read. You won’t be let down. However, many amazing things are included in it, including dragons, and who doesn’t like dragons?