Tom Brady: A Seven Time Super Bowl Champion Announced Retirement from NFL After 23 Seasons

Tom Brady: A Seven Time Super Bowl Champion Announced Retirement from NFL After 23 Seasons


The article consists of the latest news regarding sports Tom Brady announced his retirement on Wednesday. One of the best successful Quarterback players in the history of the NFL retiring from the sport he is playing for many years. We will share the introduction of Tom Brady and news about his retirement in this article.


Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr is the full name of Tom Brady. He was born on 3 August 1977 in California, United States. He is playing National Football League for the last 23 seasons. Tom played his first 20 seasons with England Patriots and he is a central contributor there from 2001 to 2019.

If we talk about the achievement of Tom Brady then he was:

Five-time Super Bowl MVP, Three Tree NFL MVPs, and Seven-time Super Bowl Champion he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in History.


Before these achievements, he was leading the England Patriots towards the final contention for the Super Bowl and after that Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady was playing under center for Michigan at that time.

He played overall 381 games in his career of which 333 games were played in the regular season and the remaining 48 were playoff.

Tom Brady College and Career stats in College:

He attended Michigan and choose a school in Ann Arbor instead of choosing California where he was born. But before, he was going to Juniper Serra High School which is located in San Mateo, California.


College Career Stats:

He was playing in a Quarterback position at Michigan

The height of Tom was 6-4 at that time and their weight was 225 pounds.

He played for 4 years in college from 1966 to 1999.

Now, take a look at his 4 years of career stats in college

Tom Brady College Career Stats.jpg

What kind of Outlook was Tom Brady in High School?

Steve Kornacki was a Detroit Free Press and he wrote that “We don’t sign any quarterback player”. “Tom and Johnson were hired for the reason of competing with each other for joining this job as a freshman.

He wrote that “Tom has no experience but he can play. He is a very great player for this position and I expect him to do a great job. Steve wrote that the coach of Michigan will play Tom when the other players are injured”.

Tom Brady Records in College

Brady played for 4 years in his college life and in that period he made many records. The Wolverines proceed 40-9 that includes a 20-5 record when Tom Brady convert and played as a junior and senior. In 1998, Michigan proceed 10-3 and in 1999 they were 10-2.

Few Records created by Tom Brady in his Career.

  • He is one of the 4th players who did 20-yard passing in just 15 games.
  • He did 4 touchdowns in a single game that were against Alabama on Jan 1, 2000.
  • He completed 31 of 56 tries for 375 yards that mark in the top 6 ranks in program history.

There are many other records were set by Tom Brady.

Tom Brady Retirement Announcement video:

Tom Brady Retirement Announcement video

The player makes a video in which he announced his retirement from sports and uploads it on social media. The footage of the video is also available on YouTube. You can watch his retirement video from there.

He said in that video “I know that the process of last time was a pretty big deal but when I woke up this morning I solved all the queries and I decide that you are the first one who had to know this all and I am recording this statement for my supporters”.

I am announcing my retirement from sports and I am thankful to every individual supporter who supports me every single day or a single match.


In this article, we were telling you about a star player that recently announced his retirement from sports. We discuss every piece of information about the retirement of Tom Brady and his sports NFL career.

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