Top 5 NFC Business Cards

Many businesses are seeking to modernize the conventional Business Card in the same way that Smart Wallets have evolved to use technology to simplify our lives. These “Smart Business Cards,” also known as “Digital Business Cards,” use a technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) to create a business card that can instantly transfer data, in this case, your personal and professional information, making it simple for potential clients to obtain your information.


What Are Some Best NFC Business Cards?

There are numerous varieties of digital business cards available. Here are the top 5 NFC business cards, with descriptions of what makes each one great, how they differ, and what you should know before buying one.


The newest brand on this list, V1CE, is likely to launch around 2020. However, they’ve done an excellent job since its inception of making an NFC Business card with all the capabilities you’ll ever require. Each card is very good quality and allows for reasonable personalization by having your logo printed on the face of the card You can choose to add a QR code to the back of the card as well. V1CE is the most reliable and seamless when it comes to sending information in an appealing and timely manner.



Popl is a fascinating company that provides a variety of NFC-enabled gadgets to fit your specific demands in addition to NFC business cards. Business cards, wristbands, keychains, and even Pop Socket-style stands that adhere to the back of any smartphone are examples of this. The Popl’s cost is among its best features.  Popl does have a few fewer features than other NFC business cards on this list, but you can’t help but be drawn in by the Popl’s reasonable price.



In the NFC market, Blinq is a significant player as well. Their user-friendly platform is among the most effective in terms of analytics and the capacity to integrate cards for both people and corporations. Additionally, buying one of their cards enables seamless connectivity with all of their products, including their mobile app and widgets. However, it does not allow for complete customization when it comes to the design but given that it is reasonably priced, it is not a bad option.

NFC Business Cards Blinq:


Another excellent option for NFC business cards is Taptok. On their website, they offer an interactive part where you can precisely calculate your savings when compared to conventional paper business cards. Three options with varying price tags are available, or you can select a customizable option that gives you complete control over the images or text you want printed on the business cards and allows you to add your own branding. Their online tracking system is among the best, and it is also among the easiest and most streamlined to set up.


Moo Card:

If you want an NFC business card that is both fashionable and practical, the Moo Card is a great option. The online design templates from MOO Card are more comprehensive and superior to other services.

Top 5 NFC Business Cards Moo Card

The card has an invisible built-in NFC chip on the front and back and is completely customisable on both sides. However, they are less competitive due to their editor’s rigidity and higher costs.