Top 7 Influential Women Celebrities

Top 7 Influential Women Celebrities

The most influential women celebrities can draw our attention with their eye-catching wardrobe decisions. The women on this list are without a doubt one-of-a-kind fashionistas, whether they are sporting a vintage Hollywood red carpet look or a more daring, distinctive attire for a night out. They don’t hesitate to experiment with anything, including their hairstyles, clothing, and other accessories. Yes, risks don’t always pay off, but when do they? It’s trend-setting and pure Hollywood gold.


Who Is the Most Iconic And Influential Style Icon Around The World?

Singer Ariana Grande took the top spot in a recent study that identified the women with the most influential styles in the world. However, to determine which famous women have the most influential style, Dalston Mill Fabrics studied Google search data for various style-related terms for over 200 famous women from around the world.

Top 7 Influential Women Celebrities According To Research:

 Ariana Grande:

As Ariana is in first place with an average of 59,150 searches for terms associated with her fashion made each month globally. 31,000 times on average per month across the globe people look for “Ariana Grande outfits.”

 Ariana Grande

Kendall Jenner:

Supermodel Kendall Jenner is the woman with the second-most significant fashion influence. The keyword “Kendall Jenner style,” which receives an average of 13,000 monthly searches worldwide, is the most popular one. However, Kendall Jenner receives an average of 57,190 monthly searches for terms related to her fashion.

Kendall Jenner

Billie Elish:

With 52,300 monthly average global searches for her style, Billie Eilish comes in third place. The singer of the hit song “Happier Than Ever” saw a lot of interest in the search terms “Billie Eilish outfits,” which receives an average of 22,000 monthly searches, and “Billie Eilish street style,” which receives an average of 8,500 monthly searches worldwide.

Billie Elish

Kate Middleton:

The crowned Princess of Wales, also known as Kate Middleton, is in fourth place. However, Global searches for the former Duchess of Cambridge’s style average 41,800 every month. According to the report, the terms “Kate Middleton fashion” and “Kate Middleton style” are both searched for 9,500 and 15,000 times, respectively, each month around the world.

Kate Middleton

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian comes in sixth with 33,800 monthly global searches. An average of 10,000 searches worldwide performed each month for the reality television personality turned businesswoman in the fashion industry. Moreover, the attorney, and Skims magnate, and 4,900 searches made for her style.

Kim Kardashian Influential Women Celebrities

Hailey Bieber:

With 32,220 monthly global searches for her style, supermodel and creator of Rhode Hailey Bieber are the women with the sixth most influential style in the world. However, Hailey Bieber received the most searches for her street style out of all the celebrities analyzed, with an average of 12,500 searches each month for the term “Hailey Bieber street style.”

Hailey Bieber Influential Women Celebrities

Kylie Jenner:

 Kylie Jenner, who is currently ranked seventh, is yet another member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to have an appearance in the top ten.

Kylie Jenner Influential Women Celebrities

The millionaire receives 31,200 monthly global searches for terms relating to her fashion, with searches for only her “outfits” receiving 13,000 monthly searches on average.