Trump International Hotel Las Vegas Pool, Casino And Pictures

Trump Hotel Las Vegas is probably the most luxurious hotel you’ll ever witness. From the doorman who greets you to the Italian marble you can’t take your eyes off, this high end resort has it all. A world class fitness centre, high quality spa and magnificent pool are just few of the widely ranged attractions there. 


The building is definitely a high-rise that almost goes 64 floor above the desert. The building also has a shiny golden touch to it, making it look more luxurious and valuable. 


We can’t praise the rooms at Trump Hotel Las Vegas enough. The rooms are designed with a calm, decent yet modern style. The furniture work is absolutely top tier as well. European-style kitchens are also something to look forward to. You can also expect Appliances from many big brands such as Bosch, Breccia Oniciata and Sub-Zero. Custom designed baths are also expected to be included at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas. 


The restaurant DJT is located on the lobby level and it happens to serve all three meals. Its a modern and distinctive American dine in experience that offers brilliant cuisines throughout each stage. DJT also provides a private dining room that can seat up to 12 people. The DJT restaurant at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas also offers a bar with many unique cocktails. H2o is another restaurant you should look forward to. It is located poolside and serves breakfast and lunch daily. It mainly consists of Neo-Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. 


Trump Hotel Las Vegas Pool

The pool at Trump Hotel Las Vegas follows a Mediterranean/Cabana style and is all what dreams are made of. You can witness whole of Las Vegas from the pool as well. You can also expect poolside refreshments that are being served constantly. The pool daily opens at 7:30am and closes at 5:00pm. A jacuzzi can also be found near the pool. 

Is Trump Hotel Las Vegas’ Pool Heated?

Nothing is better than spending the day at the scintillating 7th floor pool thats also heated. The pool ranges from 100-110 ft and is the ultimate spot for relaxing and clearing up your thoughts. 

Trump Hotel Bedding

Donald Trump will be proud to say that there’s yet another thing he has given his name to, mattresses. Donald Trump Hotel Collection of mattresses are a joint venture accompanied by Serta. The line of mattresses were only created so that they can go into each of his hotels. The mattresses are located in every Trump Hotel but they can also be purchased for a staggering high price. 


What Is The Trump Hotel Collection?

Trump Hotel Collection is the most luxurious brand for hospitality available under the Trump name. The name was selected for a reason. It was chosen to represent Trump’s condo hotels across the globe and offer new world class traveling options with personalised services. 

Donald Trump, the president and chairman of the Trump organisation, refers to the Trump Hotel Collection as:

A natural extension of our Trump brand in the luxury sector of the hotel industry.

Trump Hotel Las Vegas Pictures