What Celebrities Have Onlyfans

The internet erupted after an untimely wardrobe malfunction revealed Janet Jackson’s breasts at the 2004 Super Bowl. Outraged parents called their cable companies. Complaints poured in to the FCC; there was talk of bans, fines, and other severe consequences. It was all because of the brief exposure of a single mammary gland.


Another internet and entertainment controversy occurred the same year. When a sex tape featuring heiress and reality star Paris Hilton was leaked online, the world went insane. They’re prompting calls for boycotts, internet regulation, and other forms of protest. It was believed that celebrities should not use sex to sell their images or wares. No one would tolerate the sexualization of otherwise innocent forms of entertainment.

However, just a few years later, the emergence of a Kardashian sex tape sparked not only controversy but also a lucrative profession. Rather of ruining the Kardashian brand, the disclosure of the famous sex tape boosted the family’s reputation, and the Kardashians are now renowned for their family-friendly programming rather than their X-rated history.

Times change, and so does people’s perspective of celebrities. So it was only a matter of time before the realms of celebrity culture and internet porn collided, and no better illustration can be found than the rapid influx of OnlyFans profiles created by famous singers, actresses, models, and other well-known personalities.


Best Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts

#1. Tana Mongeau

One of the most intriguing aspects of the celebrity OnlyFans revolution has been how well-known people are using their power on other social media platforms to make the transition as successful and profitable as possible. Tana Mongeau, who was already a bit of an Instagram sensation before she discovered the OnlyFans realm. She is perhaps the most well-known example of this phenomena.

Tana Mongeau was forced to investigate other options due to the tightening of Instagram laws governing nudity and pornographic content. Now that she has found on OnlyFans, she is enjoying showing off her wild side like never before.

Her OnlyFans page subscribers are exposed to a seemingly never-ending flood of outrageous movies, photographs, and other goodies. This blonde beauty clearly has a long way to go, and her fans are excited to see where her journey takes her. Tana Mongeau is possibly the most well-known Only Fans celebrity after only a brief time on the site.


#2. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is either one of the most successful celebrity only fans or an unwelcome usurper. Depends on who you ask. The emergence of Bella Thorne was entirely unwelcome, and proof that the people who helped make the site what it was were less important than a bunch of celebrities eager to cash in. According to the outraged sex workers, porn stars, and others whose place at the famous Only Fans table was suddenly upended.

The many fans Bella Thorne brought with her are on the other side of the usurper/success debate, and to that fan base, Bella is genuinely an example of what celebrity OnlyFans should be like. But, no matter which side of the debate you choose, it is difficult to deny that Bella Thorne caused a stir when she showed there and began selling her naked images.

According to some sources, Bella Thorne earned more than $2 million in a single day on her celebrity OnlyFans page. Which is not a bad day’s work for an actress who cut her teeth in B-movies and a singer with a loyal but rather limited fan base. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bella Thorne. But it is evident that she is one of the most well-known OnlyFans newbies.

#3. Amber Rose

There are some true sex positive luminaries in the ranks of famous OnlyFans performers and company owners, and the LGBTQ+ community is strongly represented. Amber Rose, a bisexual activist, is perhaps the most well-known member of this group, having amassed 20 million Instagram followers and turned her social media presence into a booming celebrity OnlyFans page.

Amber Rose didn’t show up to OnlyFans right away. Instead, she tempted her fans and following with promises of more graphic content than Instagram allowed. And she delivered in spades, providing an incredible selection of images, films, and other content.

#4. Tyga

Tyga, like many other celebrities with OnlyFans accounts, has both a free and a premium version of his account on the platform. This well-known rapper is one of the most well-known inventors. He has exploited his OnlyFans popularity to start a whole new business that provides tips on how to emulate his attractive lifestyle.

Tyga has also launched his own entertainment business, TOO RAWW. Leveraging his success with OnlyFans to expand his brand and provide more free and paid content to his fans.

#5. Cardi B

Cardi B is not one of the celebs who have OnlyFans accounts. The enormous success of WAP, was proof positive that the paradigm had transformed and sexually explicit content had truly gone mainstream.

It only makes sense that Cardi B would find a home on OnlyFans, and that is exactly what she did. Subscribers seeking for full nudity, however, should reconsider. Cardi B has made it abundantly plain that is not permitted.

#6. Plastique Tiara

Plastique Tiara has been one of the best and most successful drag stars in the universe of celebrities with OnlyFans pages. This season 11 Drag Race contestant created a reputation for herself on the program. She is now wreaking havoc on the OnlyFans community.

Plastique Tiara’s OnlyFans page is used not just to share exclusive stuff with her admirers. However, to make a positive change in the world. This well-known drag queen is proud to use her online presence to combat widespread discrimination. She looks forward to even better things in the future.