What Does A Medusa Tattoo Mean

Have you stumbled upon TikTok lately? There’s a new trend going on where people post videos regarding their favourite tattoos. Similarly, many people are getting Medusa’s tattoo inked on their body. As it turns out, this tattoo has a much deeper meaning and reason behind it in todays world


Medusa’s Tattoo

People who have some grasp on Greek mythology might know that Medusa was a mythic creature. She had particular abilities that allowed her to turn a person into stone at any given time. Medusa also had snakes for her hair by the way. You might be thinking how unattractive she must look like but according to women nowadays, that’s how men used to portray each woman back then and even now. 

There can be a thousand different reasons as to why a person gets a certain tattoo, even of Medusa. However, in TikTok’s realm, this tattoo strictly implies women empowerment. Certain women have come up with the dilemma that women should be the ones who get punished when they get sexually assaulted. According to Medusa’s history, most stories have highlighted how she got raped by Poseidon and then subsequently got punished by Athena for that reason. Women now choose her as the flag bearer of women empowerment. 

Narratives and stories have taken a quick turn of events that link to Medusa. Medusa was regarded as an evil entity by each telling. Now that fact has changed into how strong Medusa actually was and how she got over grief and pain in her own style. 


What Does It Mean To Them?

Although Medusa never actually existed in reality her tattoo has given women a way to raise their voices. However, this must be mentioned that each person boasting their tattoo on TikTok has a different meaning behind its formation. But each reason goes through topsy-turvy paradigms and comes back onto the topic of women’s empowerment. 

Other Famous TikTok Tattoos

This whole thread of Medusa tattoos is just another addition to a vast TikTok tattoo family. Apart from this, the most famous tattoo on TikTok was of the letter Z.

People who got it inked thought of it as representing their age group (Gen Z). However, people weren’t reluctant to highlight the fact that this tattoo was closely linked to the Nazi logo of unity. Most of the people who had this tattoo inked on their bodies weren’t aware of this meaning and imminently started regretting their decision of getting a tattoo.