What Episode Did Ace Die And How?

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime shows currently on television with over 1000 episodes. It chronicles Monkey D. Luffy’s exploits as he attempts to become the Pirate King. Even though Luffy views this as his greatest accomplishment. One that would provide someone the greatest freedom and chance to see the globe however he pleased.


Despite this title, he rejects the notion that he has the authority to rule over any specific individual. He has gained well-known crew members and allies thanks to his energy and vision. However, they and their supporters have paid a high price to achieve their goals, especially in the case of Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s sworn brother. Let’s dig, what episode did Ace die? And how?

In what episode did Ace die? Name and Number:

The community’s most well-known member, Portgas D. Ace passes away in One Piece episode 483. Although many people know the episode’s title as “Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield,” the episode’s actual title was “Looking for the Answer.”


How did Ace die?

Ace is struck by Akainu with a stunning blow that leaves his upper body gravely injured and on the verge of death. Akainu strikes Ace after Ace stuns an assault intended for Luffy and so saves Ace’s life. Later, Akainu comes close to killing him. But Jinbe stops him before he is executed. Jinbe eventually loses the ability to deter Akainu, who is subsequently met by Marco and Vista.

Unfortunately, while being a terrifying pair, they were powerless to stop the legend with the lava fists, since their combined Haki strike was entirely worthless. Now that Ace is aware that these are his final breaths, he chooses to leave with a moving monologue. As he draws his final breaths, he thanks Luffy and everyone else for loving him as much as they did before falling out of Luffy’s arms.


Can Ace possibly still be alive?

No, Ace has passed away forever, which is a good thing. The lessons we had learned from the series up until Ace’s death were utterly upended. Before his passing, we had assumed that all of our favorite characters were secure.

What was the response of One Piece fans to Ace’s death?

After a few episodes, the viewers’ shock eventually gave way to grief as the truth of the war’s end set in. The majority of fans never thought Oda would do it. As a result, Ace’s passing came as a complete shock. There was a lot of sympathy among the audience for Whitebeard as well. He had, after all, seen many of his descendants die.

Another tragic aspect of Ace’s passing was that he had acknowledged it to himself. Several of his supporters also came to terms with some period earlier to his passing. However, that was pretty obvious and the despair took over after Ace paused and urged Luffy to let him defend them.