What Is The Tallest Mountain In The United States?

When it comes to mountains, no state can compare to Alaska’s highest peaks. Due to the secluded setting, these mountains are rarely visited. But they still maintain their intimidating status as iconic features of Alaska’s geography.


10 out of 11 highest peak mountains are located in Alaska. The last one is Mount Whitney, which is part of the Sierra Nevada range in California. 

1. Denali- Alaska – The Highest Mountain located in the United States

Rising at 20,310 feet (6,190 meters), Denali is the United States’ highest mountain. While being the highest mountain, Denali is also known to be the third highest mountain of the Seven Summits.

Denali is located in the Alaska Range. Mountains there were formed by dramatic tectonic energy. The energy continues to increase the mountain’s elevation little by little each year.


Denali is also known as Koyukon Athabaskan, which means “The Tall One.” The mountain holds huge significance for Indigenous Alaskans who have resided around it since ancient times.

Additionally, Denali National Park and Reserve are one of the most visited places in Alaska. It brings tourists in from around the world during summer. Many animals, which includes wolves, moose, caribou, and black and grizzly bear are shown on the park’s singular road.

2. Mount Saint Elias – Alaska Yukon

Mount Saint Elias is near the Alaska/Canadian border. At 18,009 feet (5,489 meters), this mountain is the second highest in the United States and in Canada. t


The US side is part of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, is the largest national park in the United States. 9 of 16 of the highest mountains in the United States reside here in this park.

The location of the mountain range is located in Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay has a high density of icefields and high tectonic and also high volcano activity. Additionally, it helped the mountain become more popular for modern and past exploration.

Mount Saint Elias is also called Yasʼéitʼaa Shaa or Shaa Tlein by the indigenous Yakutat Tlingit people. They have been residents of the area for thousands of years. Mount Saint Elias was first recorded by an Italian explorer.

3. Mount Foraker – Alaska

On clear days, you can see Mount Foraker along with Denali in the Alaska Range.

Mount Foraker is the second-highest mountain in the United States. Its elevation stands at 17,400 feet (5304 meters).

The indigenous Dena’ina named the mountain Sultana, which means “the woman,” or Menlale, which means “Denali’s Wife” due to it being near Denali.

The first successful indication of the north and south peaks occurred in 1934. Mount Foraker is located on a fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, which is the longest glacier in the Alaska Range. It ranges across from Denali and Mount Hunter.

4. Mount Bona – Alaska 

Mount Bona is a slumbering stratovolcano that’s located in the Saint Elias Mountains in eastern Alaska.

The mountain ranges from 16,550 feet (5,040 meters). Mount Bona is the highest volcano located in the United States. Also having the title of the fourth-highest mountain in the US.

Covered with glaciers and ice, the Klutlan Glacier stems into the Yukon Territory of Canada. It is also important to the Russell Glacier complex.

5. Mount Blackburn – Alaska

Mount Blackburn is a very old and eroded volcanic mountain. Its elevation stands at 16,390 feet (4996 meters). Located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, altogether, is the second-highest volcano in the United States and also the fifth-highest peak.

This peak is the main source of ice that runs into the Kennicott Glacier, which is a guide for visitors seeking the mining ghost town of Kennecott and the jumping-off point of McCarthy. The mountain also supplies ice to the Nabesna Glacier and the Kuskulana Glacier.