Uncovering the Mystery: What kind Of Mayo Does Subway Use?

Uncovering the Mystery: What kind of Mayo Does Subway Use?
Uncovering the Mystery: What kind Of Mayo Does Subway Use?


Are you a lover of sandwiches and want to know about Mayo that the subway brand use? If yes then you will read this article to the end. In this article, we will tell you about the mayonnaise that subways brand use in their different recipes.


Subway Restaurant Company:

Subway Restaurant Company

Subway is a fast-food restaurant Company that is founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965. The headquarters of the Company is located in America and many franchises of the Company are open in different countries. The Company made different kinds of sandwiches in which they use delicious mayonnaise and also make salads, wraps, drinks, etc.

Now let’s get back to our main topic and I will tell you the different kinds of mayo that subway use in their recipe.

What kind of Mayo Does Subway Use?

According to our research, the company uses a classic kind of mayo found in the subway ingredients list. But as you know many restaurants brand don’t expose their recipe list in public. Similarly, the subway brand also hides its recipe list from its customers and other people. In addition, they didn’t use just one specific type of mayonnaise in their stores nor neither have they sold their mayo in grocery stores. They also didn’t sell their mayo to the subway franchise or branches that they open in different cities or countries.


What does Mayo Subway Brand use?

If you are thinking about a specific brand of mayonnaise subway brand use then you are wrong. Because if subway makes its mayonnaise then it didn’t share the recipe with someone outside of the company. Not confirmed but probably they make their mayonnaise at the factory and then transfer it to the main branch. Because of its popularity, it is not wrong to say that the brand uses a classical recipe when they create its mayonnaise.

Can you buy mayonnaise from the subway?

The answer is no because as I earlier mentioned that the brand didn’t share its mayo at the grocery stores or neither any branches. You can find the mayo from the subway in their franchises but you can’t buy from there. So buying subway mayo is impossible however you can buy the same name mayo from different stores but the taste of that mayonnaise is not the same.

What kind of ingredients does subway use in their mayo recipe?

Subway Mayonnaise ingredients

As you know the brand didn’t share their recipe in public nor neither have they shared the exact product in the market. We just imagine some of the common ingredients they use in making mayonnaise. Here are some ingredients they use in the recipe:

  • Eggs
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Soybean Oil
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Sugar

The research states that subway uses a natural type of recipe and added multiple natural flavors when making the mayonnaise. But maybe we are wrong because they didn’t share the exact list of ingredients in the public. 

Three Unique Flavors of mayonnaise are available at subway

The three flavors of mayonnaise are Southwest Sauce, Eggless mayo, and Mint Eggless Mayo. Now, let’s take a review of these three flavors.

Southwest Sauce: This sauce is a priority if many customers who like spicy foods. This is the famous sauce that most of the brand use in their recipe to make it spicy. If you like that spicy food then ask the waiter for that sauce when you give the order.

Eggless Mayo: This is the most common mayo that is used in subway stores and everyone is finding that mayo. But unfortunately, you can’t find the exact mayo from the store because the brand customizes the mayo.

Min Eggless Mayo: This type of mayo contains Mint flavor and overall it is similar to the previous eggless mayo.

Is it true that subway mayonnaise has eggs?

Based on many sources, Subway mayonnaise doesn’t contains eggs because eggs are included in the ingredient list of many subway mayonnaise. Most branches of subway are offering mayonnaise without eggs but you have the option to ask directly to the branch before giving the order. If you didn’t ask then they will give you the common mayonnaise that contains eggs and they say that eggs are good for health.

Does Subway use purified Mayonnaise?

The answer to the question is yes subway use purified mayonnaise for their original mayonnaise. The eggs that are used to create subway mayo are purified so that the subway mayonnaise is pasteurized. Many companies will occupy purified eggs because they are easy to consume since when they are serving eggs to many customers. So it is wrong to say that a few branches of the subway are using un-purify eggs to create subway mayo.

Calories in Subway Mayonnaise

According to research, the mayonnaise of the subway brand contains 99 calories per tablespoon.

Is there a light Mayonnaise subway brand that uses?

Is there a light Mayonnaise subway brand that uses?

Yes, many stores on the subway contain light mayonnaise. When you are going to buy mayonnaise you will need to ask the store if it is regular mayo or light mayo because many branches have regular branches. 

Regular Mayonnaise and light mayo the same?

No, it is wrong regular mayonnaise is not similar to light mayonnaise. Regular mayo has 12 grams of fat and contains 110 calories per tablespoon. While on the other hand, light mayo has 4.5 grams of fat and contains 40 calories per tablespoon. 

Is Subway Mayonnaise superior To Hellman’s Mayonnaise?

Is Subway Mayonnaise superior To Hellman’s Mayonnaise?

There are many cases in which subway mayo is better than Hellman’s Mayo because subway mayo has a great taste which is why people want subway mayonnaise. But on the other hand, if you want to buy mayonnaise for your home then you will find Hellman’s mayonnaise from the store because subway mayonnaise is not available in stores for sale.

Is it true that subway uses light mayo in Tuna salad?

Tuna salad

No, it is not true, subway didn’t use light mayonnaise in Tuna salad because they use regular mayonnaise in their salad. You can ask the store if you would like to eat salad that contains light mayonnaise. Because the brand made salad after the order comes from the customer.

Is Subway Mayonnaise Good?

According to the attraction of people toward subway mayonnaise, we can say that the mayonnaise of subway is good. However, we do not have the exact recipe, and ingredients list of subway mayonnaise so that’s why we didn’t say anything about this.


Subway brand didn’t expose the recipe of their famous mayo and also you can’t find mayonnaise in the grocery store. If you find the mayo at the store then they are not real because no one knows the recipe for subway mayonnaise.

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