What Were Popular Clothes In The 80s

The 1980s fashion was all about colors. The irony is, in the January of 1980 Rubik’s Cube made its debut. The puzzle features many colors and is all about solving them to become one designated color on each side. Perhaps, the fashion in the 80s was similar to that of a Rubik’s Cube. Bright colors were seen every single day.


Some of that extremely vibrant fashion is popular nowadays too. Let’s go a little back and relive the colorful days again!

Neon Attires

Well, the most famous clothing of the 80s was anything that includes vibrant and bright colors. It imminently became a way to look prominent and stand out of the crowd. Sweatshirts, pants, jackets, or even socks – everything tended to be neon-colored. 


One thing’s for sure tracksuits weren’t only famous for working out in the 80s. They became a fashion statement for the people and they started wearing them on all occasions. It’s safe to say that Adidas was the most famous tracksuit manufacturer of the time and those three lines along the tracksuits were everything that people asked for. Although as mentioned above, some tracksuits also consisted of vibrant and neon colors. 


High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted pants were the look every rockstar went for in the 80s, to be honest. Some die-hard fans used to dress up like their idols and hence it simply became a trend in the 80s. Although low-rise pants were the trendsetters in the 70s. Who knew the exact opposite is going to be what everyone would be wearing a decade after? 


As already mentioned, people like to do what their idol is doing. Likewise, the Ray-Bans kickstarted their reign in the 80s. People saw Tom Cruise wearing a pair of Ray-Bans in “Risky Business” and they flocked the stores to get them. Apart from looking like Cruise, the shades also protected the eyes from strong sun rays and obviously those neon colors moving across the sidewalk with you. The shades were further made stylish and durable due to the immense surge. 

The Preppy Look

In the 80s, wealthy people celebrated the preppy look on almost every occasion. It was a fashion statement that made them stand alone from the crowd. It featured the evergreen Polo shirt upon which a sweater was tied around the neck.


Goes without saying but boat shoes really kicked off in the 80s. Yet again, thanks to the famous celebrities who introduced this look in the early 80s. However, fast-forward things to 2022, and the preppy look is still regarded as a wealthy person’s fashion statement. 

Shoulder Padded Dresses

Well, the shoulder pads were not only famous because footballers wore them but every blazer that women bought in the 80s had shoulders pad present on them. There came a point when blazers and dresses started looking awkward if they didn’t have shoulder pads on them. The broad shape was much liked in the 80s. The shoulder-padded blazers and dresses also became a staple for those women who were wealthy and took fashion seriously.