What’s Prince Andrew’s Net Worth?

Ever wondered what would be the Prince Andrew’s Net Worth? here’s a detailed account on Prince Andrew’s Net Worth. Based on what we know about Andrew’s wealth, it’s not enough to fund an amount of this magnitude.


In 2017, Bloomberg News stated that employees at his bank in Luxembourg, Banque Havilland SA, put his assets at around 5 million euros. In addition, Wealth-X is a leading global firm that provides wealth analysis. Her Majesty’s wealth is around 520 million dollars.

Prince Andrew’s Net Worth: Where Does The Prince Get The Money?

The prince gets his income from various sources, which forms Prince Andrew’s Net Worth. Here is the list of sources from Prince Andrew gets his money:

Royal Navy pension:

The Duke receives a Royal Navy pension. Which is thought to be around PS20,000 a year. In addition, the Queen is also thought to finance him from her PS21.7-million-a-year Duchy of Lancaster income.


Duchy of Lancaster:

The Duchy of Lancaster is a collection of land and investments. The majority of which are in a property intended to give the monarch an income from private sources. Meaning that the Queen can help pay the enormous legal expenses.

Annual allowance from Buckingham Palace:

Prince Andrew received an annual allowance of PS249,000 from Buckingham Palace for his service to the royal family. However, he decided to withdraw from his duties and received his patronage and military titles revoked following the scandal.

Property money:

Another source of revenue for Prince Andrew is from the properties the royal owns.


In 2007 he sold the Sunninghill Park home for PS15m to Timor Kulibayev, the son-in-law of the former president of Kazakhstan. The house has 12 bedrooms. Which is located near Windsor Castle and had been given to Prince Andrew as a wedding gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition, Andrew has reportedly been trying to sell his chalet within Verbier, a Swiss area of Verbier that he bought at a price of PS13 million in 2014, along with his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

David McClure, the author of “Royal Privilege The Queen’s Actual Worth’, told the PA news agency: ‘The fact that the author had to sell his book, it is a sign that he was able to make some money, but was not a wealthy person.

David McClure is the author of “Royal Privilege The Queen’s Actual Worth”. PA news agency asked David McClure about Prince Andrew’s Net Worth. He said:

“The fact that the author had to sell his book, it is a sign that he was able to make some money, but was not a wealthy person. So where does that money get its source? I’m guessing it is more likely to come from the Queen.”

David McClure