WhatsApp Web – Everything You Need To Know

WhatsApp is not just for your smartphone folks. With the introduction of WhatsApp Web, you can easily access the messenger platform on Windows, Mac, iPad, Iphone and Android tablets. Similarly, WhatsApp Web is quite easy to set up on all of the aforementioned devices. If we had to put it into simpler words, WhatsApp Web is a clone of its smartphone counterpart. 


Although it must be mentioned that WhatsApp Web requires your smartphone to be near you while you operate it. 

How Can I Open WhatsApp Web?

As you already know by now that WhatsApp Web is a xerox of its mobile counterpart. Follow the tips enlisted down below to get yourself started on WhatsApp Web. 

1. Open the browser of your choice on your computer and visit 


2. After you visit the aforementioned page, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code that will appear on the screen. Then on your smartphone open WhatsApp and from the settings select WhatsApp Web. 

3.Now you’ll scan the QR code that is displayed on your computer screen. After scanning, you’ll be all set and WhatsApp will be activated on your computer. 

4.Make sure your phone is near you whilst you operate WhatsApp Web on your computer. 

Once you have successfully completed the steps mentioned above, your WhatsApp Web will remain activated. For instance, you won’t need to scan the QR codes again and again after you open the WhatsApp Web site. If you open the site after days worth of time, your chats will load. However, you would still need your mobile to be near you while you use it on the computer screen. 


Is It Safe Using WhatsApp Web?

We can partly agree on whether WhatsApp Web is safe or not. That’s because our data remains completely under observation by the company owners and as you know Facebook owns WhatsApp. That again is the reason why it’s safe from hackers and attackers because it wouldn’t take a normal hacker to obliterate your WhatsApp. 

What Is The Purpose Of WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is an online platform that allows you to operate your existing WhatsApp account via computer. It allows you to chat and call people on WhatsApp on your computer rather than on your phone. And as we already explained above, WhatsApp Web is a mirror of its mobile counterpart. 

The Difference Between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop App?

The main notable difference between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop is the format. WhatsApp Web is built with a web-based format. “While WhatsApp Desktop, WhatsApp has a format based on an application program for computers. The difference between the two formats automatically makes the way to access them also different,” WhatsApp explains on its official website. 

The next most important difference is that WhatsApp Web has minimal smartphone WhatsApp features. Whereas on WhatsApp Desktop, you can easily download an update that allows you to make video and phone calls.