Who Is The First President Of The United States

On 30th April 1789, George Washington took the oath of office as the first president of the United States


Born in 1732 in Virginia, George learnt the morals, civility and practices of an 18th century gentleman. He was always eager to pursue two branches of interest. Western Expansion and Military Arts. In 1754, he fought in an unknowingly important battle that later went onto become the French and Indian War. 

From 1759 to the essence of the American Revolution, George Washington took care of his owned lands near Mount Vernon and served in the Virginia House Of Burgesses. He was married to a widow, Martha Dandridge Custis. He lived a busy yet happy life. However like others, George Washington felt exploited by the British merchants and officials. The argument gradually began to take a significant turn yet he stood firm in the face of restraint. 

The American Fabius

During the second Continental Congress Assembly in Philadelphia in May 1775, George Washington was one of the delegates. He was then selected as the Commander in Chief of the continental army. Days after his selection, he took over the clumsy army men, trained them, and sailed towards a war that everyone was unaware would last for six years. 


He imminently came round to the idea that the best plan was to brutalise the British men. He stated to the Congress: “we should on all occasions avoid a general Action, or put anything to the Risque, unless compelled by a necessity, into which we ought never to be drawn.” 

In 1781, with the help of French allies, George Washington managed to make Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown. He then went back to Mount Vernon where he enjoyed his retirement. Although he slowly realised that the nation would not be up to any good under its Articles of Confederation. He then became the main driving force to conduct the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787. When the constitution was officially made valid and accepted, George Washington was elected as the first President of The United States by the Electoral College. 

The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.

George Washington