Will The Atlanta Braves Change Their Name?

Will The Atlanta Braves Change Their Name

Many people questioned whether the Atlanta Braves would be the next team to change their name after the 2021 MLB season after the Cleveland Indians revealed earlier this year that they would. However, according to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the league continues to fully support both the tomahawk chop celebration and the name of the Braves.


What’s Keeping The Atlanta Braves From Changing Their Team Name As The Cleveland Indians Have?

The Atlanta Braves declared in July that they had no intention of following the example of Washington’s NFL club, which had changed a team name that many believed to be offensive to people of color. In a message to season ticket holders, the team stated, “We will always be the Atlanta Braves.” Through our discussions, it has been clear that changing the Braves’ name is neither being considered nor regarded as necessary. When the Cleveland Indians stated they would finally change their name in December, it appears that their position remained the same. On the subject, the Braves remained silent.

Fans Urge To Pay Tribute To Hank Aarons:

However, a lot of fans have recommended the Braves reconsider that stance in honor of the former home run champion. As he is the one who spent practically his entire career playing for the team in either Milwaukee or Atlanta, amid the tributes to MLB legend Hank Aaron following his passing. They advise the Braves to think about altering their name to the Hammers with a respect to Aaron’s fantastically rhyming nickname.

Fans Urge To Pay Tribute To Hank Aarons

Logos and shirts are already circulating on social media. However, a request for comment from The Braves regarding whether or not the Hammers’ idea is being considered was not responded to.


The Braves Have Long Faced Renaming Requests

Russell Means, a Native American activist, vowed to target the Braves after he filed a $9 million lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians in 1972 because of their name. The Chief Noc-A-Homa mascot, who performed while dancing around a teepee set up in the left field seats at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, was a big reason why.

Before the 1986 season, the Braves retired Chief Noc-A-Homa, who represents for most of his time by a Native American called Levi Walker. But the debate over the team’s moniker and the “Tomahawk Chop” slogan persisted. The Cherokee Nation member and Cardinals reliever Ryan Helsley criticized the Braves for continuing to tolerate the chant at home games during the 2019 National League Division Series between the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis.

Remarks Of President And Chief Executive Derek Schiller:

Derek Schiller, president, and CEO of the Braves stated in July that the team was holding “ongoing” talks. He said, “It’s an issue that deserves a great deal of discussion, debate, and careful thought, and that’s exactly what we are doing. Additionally, the CEO claimed that the name “denotes somebody who has the courage and is a warrior. It is therefore powerful in my opinion and highly regarded by Native American culture. It is a strong symbol of honor and power.


However, Brett Chapman, a lawyer for Native American rights, asserted that the Tomahawk Chop. And another harmful Indian-themed iconography will endure as long as the team is still known as the Braves. In this world, things evolve. Teams frequently alter their names. Changing the name won’t harm them in any way. And when they do, they might begin a new tradition.