You Have To Watch The Most Successful SCI-FI Thriller On HBO Max ASAP

To start off things, Ex Machina is one of the best sci-fi movies of it’s time. Although, what makes it greatest that it gotten nominated for the best scientific movie?


Firstly, Ex Machina will not disappoint you at all, how come? The movie was directed by Alex Garland. He is an amazing director that never dissatisfied any viewers with his movies. And this A24 SCI-FI epic does not DISAPPOINT. It makes you question where will technology stop in its time.

Ex Machina recalls other movies where the tension between two men and a woman reaches uncontrollable levels. Reminds us of Roman Polanski’s Knife in the Water, and movies where two men have convinced themselves of their own genius, like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. But, Garland’s understanding of technology takes it to a whole different level.

The Characters

The plot itself is astounding. The characters deeply dive into how robots are modified with intellectual intelligence, to develop consciousness. It’s a dive into how we really see everything. Shows us how we are basically made from nature. The characters make you create your thoughts, and answers, with their questioning throughout the movie. With simple questions such as nature defines you. Yet, the answer cannot be found.


The main character, Caleb Smith, a programmer at the worldwide search engine Blue Book, has just won a contest that allows him to spend a week with Blue Book’s seldom-seen founder Nathan Bateman.

The movie transitions from Caleb sitting at his desk working to sitting in a helicopter, which flies towards Nathan’s home.

As the helicopter lands, Garland shows his audience everything needed to understand Caleb’s character. He’s forced to lower his head under the noisy rotors as he leaves. He almost stumbles into the wild as the pilot gives him unclear directions on how to reach Nathan’s house. Caleb eventually finds Nathan’s home and discovers a boss who’s eager for an employee or a friend. Nathan is looking for a study partner. Particularly one who will sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Specifically meeting Ava.


Ava is a human A.I., made to look like a beautiful woman. Her character is very apprehensive. Ava starts liking Caleb, which then the movie quickly burdens itself on. Nathan wants Caleb to take an advanced Turing Test. This one doesn’t follow the classic rules but instead shows an insight of how Ava feels. Although knowing she’s not human, will Caleb start to develop feelings?

Reviewing The Plot

Most of the movie takes place in Nathan’s house. Almost every dialogue is fulfilled by three characters. But these lines don’t feel monotonous or repetitive. It gets hard to pull your eyes off the screen as Caleb and Nathan discuss the major and minor points of the movie.

Although the plot is fantastic, the scenery in the movie has such a simplistic modern way of representation. It is certainly breathtaking, from vast landscapes to modern-looking houses, it is amazing. The art representation is fantastic!

Except for those two points, after watching the sci-fi movie, you feel some feeling like it still remains there. Like it’s a part of you now, where you have to put into question your values, your morals, even your society, and its technology, to find the answer you’re looking for.