Best 5 Apps To Get A Temporary Phone Number

Best 5 Apps To Get A Temporary Phone Number


Want to get a temporary phone number? If yes! Then read this article to the end. There are many reasons that you need a temporary phone number. You don’t need to be like a criminal or mystery international to get the temporary number.


Maybe you are a marketer person and want to avoid marketing calls, giving mobile verification numbers without providing them the real numbers and maybe you want to get the security of a real dating app and craigslist listing.  Especially women who don’t want to expose their real numbers if they are using dating apps. There are many other reasons for getting a temporary phone number.

Many social media apps provide two-factor authentication which is good for security but you want to provide a number. It is fine if you would like that the world will know you. But if you don’t like it then you can provide them with a temporary phone number.

Most people want to get insurance or apply for it then the insurance company wants your cell phone number. If you are a job hunter you need a temporary number to avoid calls. There are many job websites through which you can get a job and they also want your number. If you are staying for some weeks in a different country a local or temporary number will help you in all these situations.


I will also tell you briefly about what is IMEI number because most people are also unaware of this feature. The IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity which identifies on the mobile network. when you lose your device or snap snatched it from you then you can use your IMEI number to track your device.

How you can get a Temporary phone number

No matter if you are looking for a new phone number or you want an anonymous phone number you will need to download an application on your phone. This is the best way to get a temporary phone number for a short time or a long time. If you don’t want to download an Application then there are a few websites through which you can get a phone number. But not every website is authentic and it is difficult to find a good website. Don’t worry I will mention a few websites here below then you will choose anyone that suits you.

Many peoples want to get a temporary phone number that’s why we are here to solve all of your problems. Many people want to keep their customers and clients away from their phone numbers.


So, the websites will cost you money for a month but it is not expensive. They will get around about $5 on average money for a month.

Best 5 Apps to get temporary phone numbers.

  1. Burner
  2. CoverMe:
  3. Line 2
  4. Hushed
  5. TextNow

1. Burner:


This is the 1st app that we are discussing here. Burner is one of the best apps that provides a temporary phone number to their customer. The app is mostly used in Canada and US. The best thing about this app is that it provides you with a code area with the phone number. 

You can get the phone numbers from burner and when you get done with your purpose then simply go to the app and burn that number. The number will be off permanently and this is very easy. Burner provides you with control over your number you had an option of who will call you and who can text you.

If you want to share store items then you can connect this app to other apps like Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, Sound Cloud, etc. Ghost Bot is a great feature of this app that will reply to a message that comes in your absence. This feature is really good if you are using a dating app.

Now, if we talk about the monthly fee of this app then Burner will get $4.99 monthly. The app provides you with a free trial of 7 days which includes 20 minutes of talk and forty text messages. After done with the free trial you can buy the subscription and get a permanent phone number.

2. CoverMe for temporary phone number:

CoverMe for temporary phone number

This is the 2nd app that provides a temporary phone number. Not only just fake phone numbers it also provides many features and much more to its customers. If you are worried about your security and surveillance then you should try this app. With a temporary phone number the app uses military-grade encryption for calls, provides self-distracting texts, a private vault to keep your things safe, and profile file sharing.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantage of this app there is a condition that both parties require to use this app if they want encryption calls. All the calls that are being done between them are routed between two networks whether they are encrypted or not. After all of this, surveillance is almost impossible and the app also provides a decode password.

3. Line 2:

Line 2

This app had different features than other apps. Line 2 is a business-oriented app that provides you with features of adding multiple people on the call. Yes, I am talking about the conference call which is beneficial for many businessmen. You can add multiple department business people and talk with them on a single call so that your business will grow. The app is good for persons who are doing business and avoid exposing their real numbers.

Line 2 provides a temporary phone number but according to its features, it is suitable for a permanent second number just think about it. Because of its desktop app, you can call and text message another person on a PC or MacBook.

Now, let’s talk about its subscription. The app provides you with a 7-day free trial after that it will cost you $8.30 monthly. If the app is not according to you then the company will give you the whole month’s money back that you pay at the start of the month.

4. Hushed:


This is also like a Burner app but it can work in multiple countries. The app can be used in 40 countries and is perfect for getting temporary phone numbers. Similar to the Burner the app uses VOIP and if you don’t have Wi-Fi you can use it on data.

The app is free for three days but only for American numbers. After 3 days of the free trial, it will cost you $4.99 per month and you have unlimited calls or messages in North America. There are many other payment options the app provides you based on your needs.

If you have a number from other countries except for US and Canada then it will charge you from $2.99 to $34.99 per month. Except for the subscription for call and text, you have to pay more money so it is quite expensive than other apps.

5. TextNow for a temporary phone number

TextNow for a temporary phone number

After all the paid apps, now we are presenting you with a free app. TextNow is a free application and you can download it on your mobile phone. The features of this app are: you will get a temporary phone number then do calls or text messages and choose a code that you want.

This is a free app that provides you with a free phone number and you can use it until you disable the app or quit the app. The app is available on the Play store or App store you can download it from there. You will need Wi-Fi or cellular data to use this app and this is the best free app for getting mobile phone numbers.


Many peoples are facing and frustrated with unknown calls from multiple users. For them, these are the 5 apps through which you can get temporary phone numbers and get rid of that unknown calls. You can try any app that will be based on your needs and that suits you.

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