6 Tips For Saving And Extending Apple Watch Battery Life

Apple Watch Battery

According to Apple, The Apple Watch is designed to last up to 18 hours on a single charge when used normally. While that is sufficient for a full day, there are times when you have to push the battery for an extra day before you can access a charger once more. If that’s the case, follow these recommendations to extend the life of your Apple Watch’s battery.


Software Updates For The Apple Watch

One of the greatest methods to guarantee that your Apple Watch battery is as effective as possible is to run the most recent version of watchOS. Go to Settings > General > Software Update on the Watch to see if there are any software updates available. Put your Apple Watch on a charger and connect your linked iPhone to Wi-Fi if you need to update the software. Additionally, it must have a battery life of more than 50%. Only as a precautionary measure is this useful. Updates now will cause your battery to discharge even faster if you’re already far from a charger. The only time you should do it is when you are at home.

Use The Do Not Disturb Feature

Do Not Disturb is a fantastic Apple Watch feature that you may not be familiar with. When chosen, the Apple Watch will continue to gather notifications but won’t alert you until the feature is disabled. It’s a fantastic option if you want to block out distractions and concentrate on a specific activity. In addition, it will extend battery life.

Slide up from any watch face to reveal the Control Center, then tap Do Not Disturb. Choose the moon-shaped Do Not Disturb icon. There are a few choices available. You can utilize a location-based function to activate Do Not Disturb until you leave your current location in addition to simply turning the feature on, for an hour, or till tomorrow morning.


Dim The Screen’s Brightness

A brighter screen consumes the battery faster, just like the iPhone or other electronic devices. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness on the Apple Watch to change the screen’s brightness. On the page’s top are the controls for brightness. By tapping the screen or turning the Digital Crown, you can change them.

Reduce The Notifications

When the phone is locked, your Apple Watch automatically displays all of your iPhone’s alerts. Therefore, depending on how much you rely on notifications, your Apple Watch may vibrate nonstop and drain your battery. Open the companion Watch app on your iPhone to customize the notifications you see on your Apple Watch. Select Notifications from the My Watch tab. You’ll initially see a list of all Apple Watch apps from there. You can choose to turn off notifications on your Apple Watch for any of them by selecting them.

Apple Watch Battery

The Wake On Wrist Raise Feature Should Be Disabled

You may rapidly check the screen on any Apple Watch model by raising your wrist. Additionally, when you use your hands for other purposes, this feature unintentionally turns on the screen. Navigate to Settings > General > Wake Screen to disable this feature. Scroll down to On Tap in the same menu to better preserve electricity. This shows the time that the Apple Watch display remains on after being tapped. Ensure that Wake for 15 Seconds is chosen. The alternative, 70 seconds, needs longer battery life.


Turn Off Activity Reminder

The variety of health and fitness functions on the Apple Watch is one of its finest aspects. You’ll routinely get a range of notifications, such as ones for stand reminders, daily coaching, and target achievements. Turning off the Activity Reminders can help your watch conserve battery life if you don’t want to view all of that data. Open the companion Apple Watch app to turn them off. Select Notifications > Activity under My Watch. You may then choose which notifications to disable from there.