The Star Wars Apple Watch Bands 2022

The most familiar watch is the Apple Watch, whether you are a watch fan or a tech fan. We know, the new models of Apple watch are out.  Companies are shipping new watch bands to their customers. The Apple Watch is the best companion that can save you time, fully track your fitness, and you can check notifications from the wrist.


In this blog, we will show you some top bands of the Apple watch series 8, apple watch ultra, and apple watch SE 2022. The Apple Watch Ultra model is the first model with vast qualities like a 49mm case. The Star Wars apple watch band is a unique, high-quality, and officially licensed smartwatch band.  However, the Apple Watch SE released in 2022. The situation of band size remains the same means a smaller watch fits with a smaller lug. 

Darth Vader Smartwatch Band

Darth Vader smartwatch is an inspired watch brand that brings a lot of cinematic views to your wrist. Features like Sith lord Helmet, Imperial crest, and Death Star. It is produced on high-grade silicone with stainless steel. This smartwatch is UV-resistant. Silicone bands fully matched all apple watches and also from other smartwatches.

Leia Organa Smartwatch Band

This watch band simplifies the valor and devotion of one of the greatest heroes of the Galaxies. However, that featured Princess Leia Organa with her Star Wars text, Start bird crest, and blaster pistol on the free loop.


Andor Icon Smartwatch Band

This smartwatch is inspired byrebel hero Cassian Andor and his foundation. However, this black band features the Andor symbol with Aurebesh which translates the spy’s memorable quotes.

Boba Fett Smartwatch Band

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters and one of the best galaxies. This watch band features an EE-3 carbine blaster rifle, Mandalorian text, and the Slave 1 ship. Boba Fett produced high-grade silicone with a stainless-steel buckle. This smartwatch band has sweat resistant and also UV- resistant. However, this silicone band is compatible with Apple Watch versions with a 22mm pin.

Droid Blueprints: BB-8 Smartwatch Band

Don’t misjudge a droid! This orange watch band takes the look of a BB-8. However, Droid featured drawings of the Alliance Starbird, Star Wars text, and the astromech droid on a free loop.


 Finn Smartwatch Band

Follow your own path: FN-2187 is a hero who honored the legend with extra features Star Wars apple watch text and a lightsaber. This smartwatch band is hard but well-capable and smoothly used in daily life. This smartwatch is made with UV-resistant silicone.

Kylo Ren Smartwatch Band

Step back to the shady side:  Kylo Ren Smartwatch Band features a lightsaber, Star Wars text, and the imperial crest.  These stars wars bands are licensed by Lucasfilm.

Mandalorian – Beskar Armor Smartwatch Band

The smartwatch band pays honor to the Beskar Armour with The Child. It is produced with high-grade silicone patterned with a buckle.

Urban Armor Gear

This Star Wars apple watch is made of soft silicone with a flexible grip for security. However, the outer band has striped detail and the inner band has a sports wave design which provides flow to the skin.