7 Methods For Soundproofing In Your Bedrooms

7 methods for soundproofing in your bedrooms


If you are finding a soundproofing solution for your room then this article will solve your problem. Because I had many solutions that will help you and get you rid of this problem.


Why do people need soundproof solutions for their bedrooms?

Soundproofing your bedroom will increase the quality of your sleep and your life. Sometimes, the noise will also affect you negatively on your physical health, mind, and your emotions.

Many people nature is introverted and they just hate the noise that came from outside. No matter if the noise came from a neighbor or street they just hate that noise. Introvert-type people want pin-drop silence in their room 24/7 and they want to work in silent conditions where there is no noise.

 It’s not just the introverted nature people hate noise other people also don’t like it. I am not saying by using these solutions the noise is finished but the noise will be lower by these solutions. Sometimes, people want to relax in their bedroom but suddenly there is a noise that is coming from neighbors or the street and feels disgusting to the person.


Most of the time your neighbor like to listen to the music in full noise and you are living in the apartment and the noise of the music is coming into your room. In that situation, you feel irritated and want to stop the music but you didn’t do that. Therefore, when you are renovating your room or you are doing construction in your room you have to invest a good amount in the soundproof system.

Seven soundproofing solutions for your bedrooms

So let’s take a look at seven soundproofing solutions for your bedroom.

  1. Use Acoustic Panels in your Bedroom
  2. Seal the Door through a Weather-strip
  3. Hang soundproofing Curtains on your windows
  4. Rearrange Furniture in your room
  5. Install Wallpaper that reduces the noise
  6. Spreads Thicker Carpets on the Floor
  7. Use paints that Absorb sound

1. Use Acoustic Panels in your Bedroom:

Use Acoustic Panels in your Bedroom

This is the 1st soundproofing solution that can reduce the noise and absorb it in your bedroom harshly. These panels are too expensive but it depends on the size of your bedroom. The main advantage of these panels is that you can buy them in different colors and the weight panels are lightweight.


When you hang these panels it looks like art is hanging on the wall. It also absorbs unwanted sounds in your home. After you purchase these panels it is easy to install them in your bedroom. You just put these panels opposite the wall from where the noise is coming from. So that it will absorb maximum noise in your bedroom.

2. Seal the Door through a Weather-strip:

Seal the Door through a Weather-strip

Even when the door of your bedroom is closed the noise is coming from outside. If you do weather-stripping on your door it will close the gap through which sound waves travel in your room. The advantage of this soundproofing solution is that you can choose it from different options. You have to remember one thing whatever option you will choose it will survive in the weather or temperature.

Two kinds of weather stripping are available in the market. One of the weather-stripping is foam tape that is used for the sides and top and the other kind is door sweeps that are for the bottom. I would suggest you choose a wraparound door sweep and foam tape that will taste the floor.

How to install Weather-stripping in your door?

The best method for doing this soundproofing is that you will clean the stop molding with soapy water and leave it to dry. After that cut the foam tape and apply it to the top and sides of the door. Corrode the back side of the foam and mash it to the inside part of stop molding. After you did the top and side of the door, now you need to cut the door sweep and fit it in your bedroom door. When the door is closed then attach the door sweep to the door so that it can touch the floor.

3. Hang soundproofing Curtains on your windows:

Hang soundproofing Curtains on your windows

This is the 3rd method for soundproofing your bedroom. In this method, you need to purchase quality and great sound absorbing Curtains from the market. Usually, the curtains are heavy but they will help you to get rid of the noise. The curtains can cover all the windows and also some inches are aside from the windows. The method of installing these curtains is also easy and you need a few minutes to install them in your bedroom.

4. Rearrange Furniture in your room:

Rearrange Furniture in your room

Sometimes you don’t need to buy any soundproofing solution and you don’t even spend a single cost. It will all be done by rearranging the furniture of your bedroom. You have to absorb which side the sound is coming and you just place the heavy furniture on that side. You can also block the wall by placing a heavy dressing table from where the noise is coming into your room.

Let’s understand this point by example.

Example: If you have a study room in your home and you are disturbed in the study room during the study. The noise of the TV in the next room will disturb you when you are studying. So to solve this problem, you need to change the position of the TV. You have to place the TV in the upward direction of the ceiling. After doing that, the noise of the TV will bounce back instead of spreading in the room.

5. Install Wallpaper that reduces the noise:

This is the 5th way through which you can soundproof your bedroom. Some people can’t afford high and expensive soundproofing solutions so this solution is for them. You don’t have to spend much money on this solution. Many layers combine and make a soundproof wallpaper. The layers include a Layer of acoustic foam or the same foam that blocks the noise of the neighbors.

The wallpapers are in different designs and different colors. The installation method of this soundproof solution is also very easy.

6. Spreads Thicker Carpets on the Floor:

Spreads Thicker Carpets on the Floor

Placing thicker carpets on the floor in your bedroom can also reduce the noise and absorb sound. This is also on the way to soundproofing your bedroom. Sometimes the noise will come when you walk on the floor yes I am talking about the noise of your footsteps.

The wall-to-wall thick carpet will work effectively in your bedroom and if you have a carpet but it is not a hick. You need to install underlayment soundproofing that will increase the sound absorption or you can simply replace the nonstick carpet with a thick carpet.

7. Use paints that Absorb sound:

Use paints that Absorb sound

Last but not least paints are one of the soundproofing methods that can be used to reduce the noise in the bedroom. The sound that can pass through the walls can be absorbed by this paint. The method is deal with a wide range of frequencies. You can use paint when you want to reduce the noise in your room.

If we talk about the method of applying paint, then first of all it will be available at any DIY store that is near your home. Sometimes, most of the paints are designed in that way so it will look like a sound leech. It is quite thicker and you can apply it in the bedroom like the normal paint is applied. The important point is that it does not save you from the outside street noise or traffic noise. 


So these are the seven soundproofing methods or ways you can use to reduce the noise in your bedroom. I hope that most people want to know these methods. The article will help you if you are one of them.

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