Top 6 Best Tips To Add Volume To Hair

How to add volume to hair


Here, we will give you 6 tips that will help you to add volume to your hair. If we think about voluminous hairs then the pictures of Farah Fawcett and Oprah come to our mind. The big volume defines great hair but not every person is born with bouncy hairs and thick hair. Some people have flat silky hair and the remaining people have thick hair. So, don’t think about this at all it’s not in your control.


If you follow these six tips that we are going to tell then you will get voluminous hair and also enhance the length of your hair. You can also prevent hair loss damage that occurs in the future by following these tips. Otherwise, you also use Fake Hair as some Celebrities use.

6 Best tips to Add Volume to Hair

  1. Use Shampoo and Condition to add volume to Hair
  2. Accommodate your Washing Method
  3. Blow Dry Your Hair:
  4. Try to Adjust your Diet:
  5. Get a Cut from a Professional Saloon
  6. Use the Right products

1. Use Shampoo and Conditioner to Add Volume to Hair:

Use Shampoo and Conditioner to Add Volume to Hair:

Increasing your hair starts when you are taking shower and which products you are using to grow your hair. We can understand it by example. Let’s suppose, you want to bake a chocolate cake so you simply choose chocolate mix to bake it and vanilla cake mix doesn’t do that thing you want.

 Now you want to get long hair then you shouldn’t be stuck to the old shampoo and conditioner that you are using currently. Try some new shampoo and conditioner. One thing I want to mention here is, that don’t ever buy a shampoo and conditioner by seeing any ad or any person who is using it.


Because every person has different genes you can’t think that if this shampoo makes his/her long then it will make my hair too. Maybe it happens or maybe not because you don’t know whether your genes are the same or not.

2. Accommodate your Washing Method

Now after you select the right shampoo and conditioner for you then now you need to know how to use it because the method of washing your hair also matters a lot. Take your shampoo first and the conditioner will be at last.

When you use this technique: using shampoo and conditioner at last then it will help you to grow your hair. After done with this technique wash your hair less often which will result in less damage. Conditioner will make your hair silky and shiny for some time after getting a shower.


3. Blow Dry Your Hair:

Blow Dry Your Hair

This is the second tip for adding volume to hairs. Purchase a high-quality blow dry from the market or any straightener and use it. When you are done with the shower dry your hair completely. Now you can use that Blow dryer on your hair and it will give heat to your hair and maybe because of that, your hair will get damaged. So, try that blow dryer at low speed so you can prevent hair damage.

A person who had silky hair can use any hair cream that will thicken their hair for some time and give them shine. I am not talking about the wax or anything because it will damage your hair. There are such hair creams like Vatika and Bryl.

4. Try to Adjust your Diet:

Try to Adjust your Diet

Instead of techniques and high-quality products, there is another thing through which your hair will grow. There is a lifestyle tactic which is adjusting your diet that also helps you with these problems. Try to eat that foods have high-quality vitamins and minerals. If you maintain your diet and health then it will improve the quality of your hair and increase the volume of your hair.

Some vitamins and minerals are Fatty Acids, Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamin D.

A few High-quality foods which include these vitamins and minerals are:

  • Eggs that contain biotin
  • Fish that contain Fatty Acids
  • Protein foods are the building blocks of hair.

5. Get a Cut from a Professional Saloon:

Get a Cut from a Professional Saloon

Finding a professional Saloon and getting a haircut from him is also a tip for Volumizing your hair. When you walk out of the Saloon you look different as compared to when you walk into that shop. Because when you walk in certain things and thoughts are coming into your mind and you are confused. But when you walked out of that shop you are completely fine and satisfied.

If you have silky hair then ask your salon person to make it so that your style of hair will have movement and your body will not feel thinness at the bottom of your hair. If you have curly hairs try to convert your hair to very small.

6. Use the Right products:

Use the Right products

It is important to choose the right product for your hair because as I said above there are many products in the market to solve this solution. It’s up to you which product you will choose for your hair and in the end, your hair gets damaged. You will responsible for that loss.

There are many sprays and creams to thicken your hair but they will damage your hair as well. You can use light cream that does not act like a wax cream it will shine your hair and control them in one place.


The whole article consists of tips to add volume to your hair. If you follow these tips then you will see a difference in your hair.

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