Best 7-Passenger Cars Of 2022

With the enhancement in the technological brilliance, carmakers have made an amendment in their operations as well. As a result, many car manufacturers now offer more spacious, luxurious and stylish cabins inside a 7 seater SUV. Not just the two sitting at the front but the ones at the back can also explore newer horizons now. 


The SUV’s below are the best in this regard. They offer a substantial legroom accompanied by an elite experience. Stiffened up days are a thing of the past now. 

Ford Expedition – 2022

Ford has always put their focus onto the SUV category. Their SUV Expedition is just the icing on the top. Their reply to a comfortable 7 seater SUV could not have been better. Apparently, you can seat up to 8 people in the Ford Expedition. To give you a more comfortable experience, Ford also allows you to fold and bend your second and third row. Nonetheless, you also have access to select from 10 different trim levels. From a sleek luxurious drive of the Platinum to a scintillating off-roading experience of Timberline. 

We advise you to add on the option of the Trailer Tow Package. It will successfully allow you to bring some rather performance oriented changes to your automobile. The basic trim of the Ford Expedition starts at a price of $51,080. 


Chevrolet Suburban – 2022

Chevrolet’s Suburban retains the top spot whenever folks are searching for ample second row and third row legroom. The 2022 model just makes things better for you with the staggering max cargo volume of 144.7 cubic feet. You will hold the ability to renovate your vehicle according to the need. The tremendous Suburban will also allow you to seat 9 passengers if the front bench seat is opted as an option. With a wide variety of up to six trims, you can select your personal favourite with lesser perplexity. The add ons will just make your driving experience rememberable so do keep an eye out for some extra bucks. You can purchase the standard Suburban at a starting price of $52,900. 

Hyundai Palisade – 2022

With Hyundai’s most enormous car as of yet, Palisade fulfils the description of what an SUV with ample space should look like. This luxurious three row hailer can easily be the first choice car for modern day families. As the technology grew, Hyundai also couldn’t resist but give in. The Palisade will also be compatible to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although it should be mentioned that the Palisade lacks the work-rate such SUV’s should offer but if you’re in for ridiculous space at the back, it should definitely be the one to look out. To further cater the the back row passengers, Hyundai has delivered the feature of 3rd row USB ports so all devices stay charged and ready to record some of the best moments you’ll spend in the vehicle. 

The Palisade can be acquired is 4 different trim levels and the starting price for the basic module is valued at $47,040. 


Lincoln Navigator – 2022

2022 just can’t get better as Lincoln also dropped down a pearler. 2022’s Lincoln Navigator just makes all your dreams come true with an abundance of space at the back. If you opt for the L (extended-length variant), you’ll be blessed with an even massive cargo space and wheelbase. The Navigator can also house up to 8 people but the standard 7 passengers is certainly guaranteed. The Lincoln Navigator is widely available in 5 trim levels with some of them just showboating the brilliance done on the interior. You can attain around 40.9 inches of legroom in the second row and 36.1 inches in the third row. This beastly automobile starts with the price of $76,710. 

Jeep Grand Wagoneer – 2022

How could Jeep stay behind whilst others make revolutionary progress? The all-new 7 seater Grand Wagoneer by Jeep is a premium-styled SUV that gives you butterflies. This SUV features probably the best extensive cabin that can even satisfy the most scrupulous passenger. Say goodbye to the old stiffened up times and say hello to a more spacious world. Even whilst you’re all packed at the back, the Wagoneer will still manage to carry your cargo without a sweat drop. Also the third row bench power-folds whenever you require more ample space. You can get the Wagoneer if 4 different variants with numerous options to add on. 

Any sort of praise falls short in front of Jeep Grand Wagoneer because as much as you dwell in this SUV, the more you learn and explore. It is currently rated a starting price of $88,640 for the basic series I.