Jackson Hole, Wyoming Travel Guide

Jackson is a town in Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Valley. This western mountain town is located near Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Its a place of dreams and other dimensions. All those Game of Thrones references would look more than real on your way there. Its a rather unique town. For example, the Jackson Hole Airport is the only commercial Airport located inside a national park. 


However, if you are interested in visiting Jackson, Wyoming in the upcoming days, the following guide will help you immensely. 

Where To Stay?

Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Four Seasons is a hotel that is quite tough to find in a place like Jackson. Its a fully furnished, designed and well thought hotel that has several exciting features. If you’re travelling with a family, then Four Seasons Jackson Hole is the best place for you. It has a heated pool and a kids club as well. There’s ample space in the rooms so no one will have to settle for a congested place. The adults can enjoy their outdoor bar that provides many winter-like cocktails. The food is absolutely wonderful as well. 

The Anvil

The Anvil hotel is a simple yet elegant safehouse for the travellers. They have done nothing too special with the architecture and still it looks like a suitable option for most. Although it must be mentioned that the architectural brilliance is top notch for a place like Jackson. You will find the Anvil hotel cheaper than most hotels you find there. 


Airbnb Luxe

Some people and families fancy their privacy and for that, they tend to stay at places that have lower public audience or no audience at all. Airbnb offers numerous houses in Jackson that can safely be categorised into their luxe sector. They are located in different areas of Jackson, each providing its own special purpose. 

What To Eat?


Coellete is a local eatery of Jackson that adds a homegrown sense to each meal. They cook and provide food that is made up with ingredients grown by the locals. They also adopt some special mountainous cooking techniques to make the food taste more homely. They offer seafood as well. 

Westbank Grill

Westbank Grill is situated inside the Four Seasons hotel. Its a dining room giving a direct view of the outer layer of Jackson Hole. It’s usually open for all three courses of the day but you may find it closed in cases of bad weather. 



If you’re a die-hard sushi lover, you have to stop by Kampai. It displays probably the most delicious sushi in whole America. They serve both local and international fish. You would love it for sure. 


Picnic is a local cafe in West Jackson that offers some of the tastiest food in Jackson. The vibe of the place is top tier as well. You’ll forget you’re sitting in Jackson while you eat there. Its mostly open for breakfast and lunch. They offer a lot of healthy items on their menu card as well. 

What To Do?

Skiing At Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole mountain is the toughest mountain to ski at in Northern America. Only 10% of the mountains terrains are applicable for beginners. On the other hand, the intermediate and advanced level skiers take it as a challenge to complete their objective at this mountain. If you’re not afraid of skiing at the toughest mountain, start off your skiing adventure from Crobet’s Couloir. Its the most steep rocky end on the mountain. 

Grand Teton National Park

Your trip to Jackson, Wyoming is incomplete if you don’t get the opportunity to explore the Grand Teton National Park. There are various activities to enjoy at the Grand Teton. From going paddle boarding at String Lake to hiking up on the Solitude Lake Trail. 

Mormon Row

Mormon Row is a historic district in Teton County, Wyoming, United States that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It showcases different rusty architectural homes that date back to 1890. Its also a brilliant opportunity for you to explore the Wyoming culture. 

Local Shops

The town of Jackson has numerous galleries and boutiques situated along the way. You can also find several art galleries there. Some shops also provide great cultural inheritance whilst others just boast about how modern this town could be at times. We would advise you to visit Pearl Street for the best shopping experience