Bonnie And Clyde Halloween Costume

Even if you’ve never seen a film about Bonnie and Clyde, you’ve probably heard of them. There has perhaps never been a more famous mobster pair than these two. Many mobsters made a name for themselves in the 1920s, but Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow will always hold a distinct place in criminal history. They were murderers who murdered 13 people and plundered several banks, yet they were also magnificent examples of pure love. Bonnie once got Clyde out of jail by obtaining a gun in the cell. Bonnie was often carried by Clyde since she walked with a limp owing to injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.


The Ideal Costume For Any Halloween Party:

Is there a better option for a Roaring Twenties costume than dressing up as Bonnie and Clyde in couples costumes? And wouldn’t these make fantastic Halloween costumes? Let’s have a look at some incredible costume ideas inspired by this renowned gangster duo.

Make Your Own Bonnie and Clyde Outfits:

Consider exploring costume combinations that reflect the apparel that this pair liked when seeking costume ideas. In terms of guys, Clyde didn’t overcomplicate things, but he appreciated details like suspenders and ties.

Bonnie and Clyde Halloween Costume

Get the Men’s Clyde Costume:

You can’t go wrong with brown pants with stripes since Clyde Barrow was an exquisite man. The pants are stylish, with a button fastening and connected suspenders. Suspenders can be black or brown, and they can be combined with different colors. A traditional white shirt is a good choice for the shirt. The key to success is simplicity, which Clyde understood, therefore wears a basic white shirt.


The only thing left to select is what color tie you want to wear. A simple brown or black tie will work, but you can even experiment with designs if you so desire.

A brown hat can also be a lovely touch to add to the elegance. Oh, and since you’re a robber, a bank money bag prop is a must-have for this look.

Get the Bonnie the Bandit’s Look:

Clyde may have been exquisite, but Bonnie takes things to a whole other level when it comes to class. The key to the class is to match all clothing items perfectly, which is why your hunt begins with a high-waisted skirt. A herringbone pattern is a retro aesthetic to go for and pair the knee-length skirt with spandex pantyhose. Because you’ll be wearing a patterned skirt, a single-colored blouse is a way to go. A broadcloth item with a round neckline can be a good choice, but pair it with a lovely scarf. You probably have some high heels in your closet, but you might not have a beret.


A black beret hat is a great finishing touch for that cute but scary look, especially when paired with a revolver in your palm. Bonnie was not a fan of Tommy guns and other deadly weaponry. She kept things classy in this area as a girl, too, which is why a little pistol is a way to go.