Pierce Brown Announce The Release Date The “Red Rising 6” Series

"Red Rising 6" Series

Howlers rejoice we now have a publication date for Pierce Brown’s Red Rising 6 book. According to many postings on Reddit’s dedicated page for Red Rising content, the upcoming sixth part of Darrow’s amazing story is scheduled to release on May 2, 2023.


At San Diego Comic-Con

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Brown revealed the publication date for the book. Fans have been awaiting its publication through his different social media accounts for months, and on July 22, they were glued to his pages as they awaited the much-anticipated “book six news.” According to Brown’s declaration, the Red Rising story will continue with a seventh novel that will be released a few years after book six.

The New York Times Bestselling Red Rising 6 series

Thanks to a completely compelling plot, flawed and relatable characters. And an unyielding action-packed plot, the New York Times bestselling Red Rising series has had a passionate fan following for years. After the publication of the series’ most current book. Dark Age, in 2019, fans had to wait more than three years for the conclusion of Brown’s most recent trilogy.

Red Rising 6 Series

And the wait has been painful given how Dark Age ended. Fans have been waiting impatiently for information regarding book 6 for years. Because the book ended on a very heartbreaking cliffhanger. Online, Brown has been transparent about his progress, sharing his struggles and setbacks with his followers. After months of hard work, Brown found himself “deep into thistles and brambles,” where he was confronted by “frightsome dead-eyed beasts waiting just on the other side,” more than a year ago, Brown teased a few bare information about his process.


Instagram Post

In the touching Instagram post, he admitted that he “chose the wrong damn path.” And had to discard more than 200 pages of work. The publication of book six was significantly delayed as a result. But fans were more than ready to wait if it meant a satisfying end to the series. Fans are forever grateful for the fact that the wait enabled him. To discover the “proper and genuine path through to the saga’s finish.” Though we may be eager for the series’ end. Fans would gladly accept one that was slightly less terrible following Dark Age’s horrifying grimness.