How Long Can Cat Go Without Food or Water Before Suffering Harm

How Long Can Cat Go Without Food or Water Before Suffering Harm
Cat Go Without Food or Water Before Suffering Harm


Our article today is based on the animal Cat that how long your cat will not eat food. Sometimes, your cat suddenly stops eating and you are thinking about the reason why your cat isn’t eating. In addition, we also tell a few reasons why your cat is not eating her food so you can read that reason and implement it.


If the demand for your cat is low and you buy a cat from outside it looks like she will not eat sometime. You need to concern about this reason then. 

How long can a cat live without food?

The adult cats will live without food for two weeks but there is a possibility that they may suffer from high consequences. Around three days, your cat’s body will depend on the energy just like the human body. But the organs of the cat do not have such type of capability and they need meals on daily basis to retain their health well.

Is it true that cats go 12 hours without food?

Yes, it is true a Cat can go for 12 hours without food. Ideally, the cats should be fed and pleasure that the cat food bowl is always filled up with food. The cat will eat whatever they want to eat their food.


Is it true that cats go 24 hours without food?

Yes, a cat can indeed go not for only 24 but they go for 48 hours also without food. But this is not a practice because a cat will go one time for 24 hours without food which is okay. However, outdoor cats often spend a vast time without eating.

When should I feel worried if my cat isn’t eating?

When should I feel worried if my cat isn't eating?

If a cat is not eating for more than 24 hours then it is a wake-up call for you that there is any health issue or other issue with your cat. But indoor cats, are planters and maybe not eat that much food. In this situation, you need to pay attention to the energy levels and weight of the cat. The time to contact the vet is when you notice a quick weight loss and your car hasn’t eaten. The veterinarian will tell you some medication or suggest any kind of food that is suitable for the recovery of your cat.


How long can cats survive without water?

How long can cats survive without water?

Actually, water is quite a different situation because the body of a cat needs to work correctly. Drinking water will remain the cell and organs of the cat working correctly. According to a doctor, drinking water will keep the brain of a cat in good health and also improve the metabolism and blood circulation in the body. You have to remove the toxins from the body of a cat through its urine and balance the PH level of a cat in the correct range.

If you talk about how much time a will cat go without water then it will be three to four days. The cat will be dehydrated if she didn’t drink for 24 hours. The more time a cat will not drink water, the more dehydration occurs in your cat’s body.

Issues that occur when a cat stops eating:

Issues that occur when a cat stops eating

1. Kidney Failure:

It is the first issue that occurs when your cat stops eating will be dehydration. If a cat is continuously dehydrated then it may lead to the risk of developing kidney and bladder stones. That stones will further lead to kidney failure.

2. Metabolism Issues:

Your cat will start converting fats into energy because the liver of the cat becomes overburdened with fat. If the proteins reverses are drained and the cat liver was not developed to the process excessive fat levels.

3. Weight Loss:

It is obvious that when a cat will stop eating then its weight of the cat start to decrease. After some time the muscle tissues of the cat will be smaller and the bony protrusions will be more visible.

4. Hepatic Lipidosis:

Whenever that fat stores are in processing, the cat will start to develop a fatty liver. This is the hectic situation which is known as hepatic Lipidosis and this will lead to liver failure.

Other Issues:

  • Parasites
  • Changing her food
  • Inflammatory bowel disease or other digestive issues
  • Dental issues
  • An upset stomach
  • Underlying medical issues
  • Medication side effects

How to get your cat back to eat?

How to get your cat back to eat?

I am going to mention the three steps that you can follow to get back your cat to eating.

1. Try Different Foods:

The 1st step is to try different foods in front of your car. You can provide a bland diet of boiled chicken and white rice or yogurt. The baby meat flavored food is also a good choice to offer in front of the cat. Make sure that the food you provide to the cat will be warm because they don’t like cold food.  

2. Keep your cat hydrated:

You must ensure that the cat will drink plenty of water during this situation. Because dehydration can make this process a little longer and more frustrating. If the cat is not drinking water then you can add a less amount of sodium chicken broth and tuna juice to the water.

3. Provide food in a place where no noise:

As you know the cat will not eat food in a place where there are loud noises. Make sure to select an area that is quite like pin-drop silence. The bowl in which you give food to the cat will be neat and clean because they don’t like to eat in dirty bowls.


A cat can live at least three days without eating but the body of the cat will get affected because of this. The weight of the cat also decreases and there are other issues that happen with the cat. Similarly, if a cat doesn’t drink water then dehydration occurs.

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