Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes

One of the most difficult challenges during the Halloween season is choosing a costume that doesn’t appear as if it came from a 99-cent store. Most specialty boutiques sell us tight crop tops with tutu skirts, and we’re instantaneously transformed into a “sexy maid.” Snooze. None of us want to spend a fortune on a once-a-year holiday, but we also don’t want to look as simple as the other twelve Playboy bunnies in the room. Fortunately, Dolls Kill Halloween has a big selection of truly unique Halloween costumes that you won’t find anywhere else.


What Are Some Costumes In The Dolls Kills Halloween Collection?

Dead Sea Mermaid:

Dolls Kill is awesome since it includes highly interesting costumes that you didn’t think of. Consider the Dead Sea Mermaid look. While everyone else is dressed as Ariel, you’ll be representing a dead fish corpse in a very sexy way.

Spider Web Top:


Dolls Kill is unique in that it sells single items that can be reworked into existing pieces. The fishnet, spiderweb top is ideal if you want to be lively and sensual but don’t have a specific term for your appearance. Halloween is only for looking hot. If it was socially acceptable, you would undoubtedly want to wear this shirt regularly.

Kinney Bra and Dahlia Clinch shorts:

The very attractive pleather bra and shorts pair are ideal for making your version of almost any costume. This is another style you would want to wear regularly but will save for Halloween. You can easily mix this style with almost anything, whether it’s something unique or a classic vixen like Catwoman.


Ghost Bodysuit:

When you have no idea what to be, cute and simple is sometimes the best way to go. The ghost appearance is a little more subdued than some of the others, but you can easily make it seem hot if you wanted to.

Trickster Temptress costume:

With the gorgeous jester appearance, you may forget about last Halloween’s horrifying Harley Quinn parade. The set simply includes the spandex bodysuit and mask, but you can easily acquire matching gloves and thigh highs.

Queen of Pop costume:

Madonna will live forever. Wear the gold, pointed-bra bodysuit inspired by the queen of pop for Halloween. You’ll also discover who your real pals are depending on how many people get the reference.

So, This Halloween, try one of these outfits to look ethereal.