Elon Musk’s Daughter Legally Changed Her Name

FILE - Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, attends the opening of the Tesla factory Berlin Brandenburg in Gruenheide, Germany, March 22, 2022. Musk appealed a federal court ruling Wednesday, June 15, 2022, that upheld a securities fraud settlement over Musk’s tweets claiming that he had the funding to take Tesla private in 2018. (Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP, File)

Elon Musk, an American businessman of South African descent, co-founded PayPal and launched SpaceX, a company that produces launch vehicles and spacecraft. The inventor of Tesla has fathered 10 children with three women in less than two decades.


His most recent child was born in 2021, while his first was born in 2002. The first six kids he had along with Justine Wilson, a Canadian author. Her daughter from her marriage to Wilson officially changes her name and cuts ties with him.

Court Grants Elon Musk New Name:

The court has let Elon Musk’s transgender child change her name to reflect her new gender. Vivian Jenna Wilson, 18, had her new name officially verified by the court. A new birth certificate will soon be granted for Elon Musk’s daughter, formerly known as Xavier Alexander Musk, who now identifies as female, according to court filings. She no longer wanted to be related to her biological father, therefore she had petitioned to have her name changed.

Court Grants Elon Musk New Name

She says she “Wishes to Be Related” to no one but herself:


Vivian included a brief line outlining her desire for the revisions in her initial petition just a few days after turning 18 in court.

“Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or desire to be related to my biological father in any way, shape, or form,” she said in court documents.

Remarks Of Justine Wilson, Her mother:

Justine shared a bit of a family conversation she had earlier this week with one of her 18-year-olds, although the Tesla CEO has not publicly discussed the matter.


“My 18-year-old told me, “I had an odd childhood.” I find it hard to believe I’m so seemingly average.” The same day that rumors about the court records started spreading, Justine posted on Twitter.

Though she omitted to specify whether the conversation was with Vivian or her twin. The mother claimed that she told her child, “I’m incredibly proud of you.”

The teen continued, “I’m proud of myself.

Musk’s Views On Pronouns:

Musk has previously discussed preferred pronouns for nonbinary and transgender people on Twitter.

The SpaceX CEO responded to criticism over a since-deleted tweet that appeared to make fun of the use of preferred pronouns by saying that while he “definitely” supported transgender people, he thought “all these words are an aesthetic nightmare.”

In July 2020, some five months earlier, Musk tweeted, “Pronouns stink.”

One month after his daughter’s court filing, in May 2022. Elon Musk declared his intention to support Republican candidates going forward. He expressed his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in particular, who in March signed the divisive “Parental Rights in Education” bill, better known as the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

However, Musk criticized the media for running the story regarding his daughter’s name and her identity.