Update on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Launch

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software has changed course. Founder Elon Musk is certain that this is the year that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system masters autonomous driving. France will offer EV leasing for as cheap as $100 per month, while Honda is spending $4.5 billion on a battery plant in the United States.


Launching Self-Driving This Year:

In its Model S car, Tesla first started introducing several cutting-edge driving assistance capabilities in 2014. These features included some steering, braking, and accelerating features. The business debuted Autopilot as a general term for these features a year later.

The electric vehicle manufacturer first started promoting its capacity to develop a “complete self-driving” vehicle in 2016. In that interview, Musk predicted that in only two years, his company’s vehicles would outperform humans as drivers. We are still waiting six years later.

Honda Invests $4.5 Billion In A Battery Plant In The United States

The Inflation Reduction Act, which the Biden administration passed and which featured a ton of additional incentives for domestic EV customers, The main restriction with the tax cuts was that they only applied to cars that were made in America. Following that revelation, a variety of unhappy automakers who might no longer be eligible for the subsidy and others who now had desires to engage in vehicle production here in the U.S. According to Reuters, Honda will invest $4.5 billion in a new battery plant here in the United States, making it the most recent self-driving car to take such a step.

Tesla's Full Self-Driving

GM Stops Producing The Corvette

It seems like we’ve been discussing supply chain problems in the auto industry for ages. But alas, we must bring it up once more because GM is closing two plants this week. GM’s Mexico facility, which manufactures GMC and Chevrolet pick-up trucks, as well as its Corvette manufacturing in Bowling Green, Kentucky, have been forced to halt production due to “supply chain and components difficulties.”The two plants’ operations were suspended today, but GM plans to resume them soon.

GM Stops Producing The Corvette Tesla's Full Self-Driving Launch

  This year, GM has not been the only automaker to suspend operations. Due to supply issues, Ford shut down its Mustang facility, while Porsche had to stop production at its German facilities early this year.

Chief Of VW Trucks Has High Expectations For EVs:

Electric cars are now doing a terrific job of capturing the consumer auto market. Sales are increasing, and new models from manufacturers like Ford and Hyundai are attracting more customers. However, there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the field of electric commercial vehicles as of yet. That may soon change since the head of Volkswagen’s Traton trucking division has very high expectations for electrification in the industry.


France Provides $100 EV Leasing:

France is one country that is actively addressing the price of EVs. French drivers will be able to lease a brand-new EV for as little as $100 a month, according to lawmakers who hope to introduce the program. The leasing program will complement existing incentives in France for EV consumers. Additionally, the nation provides incentives through a program called “cash for clunkers” for outdated combustion-engine vehicles.