What is Flutter? Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development

What is Flutter? Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development
What is Flutter? Is That The Best Technology For Mobile Application


Flutter is the open leading source software development kit that allows smooth and easy cross-platform mobile application development. You can create high-quality natural apps for both IOs and Android. The user doesn’t need any code for mobile application development. You just need one codebase for these two platforms.


There are many cases in which open-source app development is the best solution for business. It is suitable for your projects or any app development depending on many factors. But there is a reason that flutter is chosen many times by the people who create the most popular mobile applications.

So, if you are thinking to create a mobile application through flutter then read this article to the end. Because in this article, we will tell you all about flutter that how it works, what is flutter, and which popular applications are created through flutter. Also, you will learn more about the benefits that are provided by the flutter. We will also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Flutter.

What is Flutter?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the most popular open-source mobile development that is created by Google. The technology has been growing over the last few years but now it is the most popular Facebook React Native. The framework of Flutter uses Dart Programming language that is compiled into the native code. It allows developers to make high-performance apps so that they feel smooth while running that app on any platform.


There is a great feature of Hot Reload is available in the feature. By using this feature, you can change the code and see the result live. You don’t need to stop and restart the app which makes it easy the debug during development.

In Addition, Flutter has a great community of developers and a stunning system of packages and plugins which will add leverage to the functionality of the app. Overall, it is the most powerful and has an efficient framework that builds cross-platform apps.

How does flutter start in the development Community?

In Flutter live event, Google announced the open-source mobile application platform in 2017. The first version of flutter which is 1.0 came in 2018. After the first version was released, Flutter was constantly improved, upgraded, and added multiple features. The second version of flutter which is 2.0 came in March 2021.


Flutter’s second version includes many features such as support for building web and desktop apps that improved the performance and new widgets of the new design. The third and currently used version of flutter is 3.3.10 which is released in December 2022. Flutter’s third version makes the framework more perfect and famous in mobile development all over the globe.

On which programming language flutter is based?

On which programming language flutter is based on?

Flutter is based on the Dart programming language which is also created by Google. The main purpose of Dart is to replace JavaScript. The Dart programs are run directly on the server but on the browser, they will convert to JavaScript by using the Dart2js Trans compiler.  

Difference between Native App and Cross Platform.

Difference between Native App and Cross Platform.

A few years back the expert agreed that cross platforms technologies cannot compete with native apps in terms of performance, UI design, and functionality. But now after the flutter becomes the most popular cross-platform development the decision is changed. Because working on it is quite good and smooth as compared to native apps. You can build mobile applications by working on a single source code. The mobile application not only works on IOs and Android but also works on web browsers, smart TVs, and Smartwatches.

After all these situations, you cannot just say that this application is better because there are many other factors you have to look at. It also depends on the complexity of the application, the requirement of the application, and the industry in which the application can run.

Pros and Cons of Flutter

Every language or every technology has its advantages and disadvantages so we will discuss the pros and cons of Flutter.

Pros of Flutter:

Only one codebase for all platforms.

If you use other cross platforms then you need to write code for different applications for mobile and IOs. You just need to write a codebase for one time and use it for mobile, PC, and IOs. It will save you time and cost and allow you to launch the app faster.  

Fast testing and great reload:

As I mentioned above that you don’t need to stop the app and do some changes after restarting the app. In flutter, you can make changes in real time and also have the opportunity to experiment with the code and fix the bugs.

Rich Libraries:

A cross-development platform uses the Skia Graphics library which is faster than the open-source graphics library. Skia Gmodifiess modifies the UI whenever the viewer makes any changes. As a result, the app will run smoothly.

Cons of Flutter App Development

Complex Updating:

The updating programming requirement in the operating system requires the modules to get updated. The modules are combined as the fixed element in the program so that the latter will compile and re-install on the device.

Fisizessizes are large because of widgets:

The apps of the flutter are quite heavy and take minutes to start. They cost little space and also take a longer time to update or download.

Tools and Libraries are bound:

Because it is not an old framework so you can’t get every function in the library of Flutter. The cross-development app Fluttakestakes time to make different tools, spread function, and quality, and grow the community.

Apps that are developed by Flutter:

Despite many disadvantages, the app is constantly growing in the market apps are Flutter:

Yandex, eBay, Alibaba, Uber, BMW, and Google pay.


If you are thinking about creating any application through flutter then don’t waste the time. Learn how to use flutter through any course or multiple videos. So that you will be able to use and create apps.

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