Microsoft Announces Open AI-Language powered by Bing which is powerful than Chat GPT

Microsoft Announces Open AI-Language powered by Bing which is powerful than Chat GPT
Microsoft Announces Open AI-Language powered by Bing which is powerful than Chat GPT


Satya Nadella Microsoft person announces the new AI Open Language that will launch on Tuesday. He announced the new version of the Bing search engine which is more powerful than Chat GPT.


What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT

The AI Software Chat GPT will provide you text base answers to prompts. It is a kind of AI Artificial Intelligence that is launch latest in the world. Products like Chat GPT are create on top of AI generative software which is capable of providing great answers to your questions. You can ask every type of question from this AI tool it will answer your question.

The AI tool is also helpful for students because they can ask about their final-year projects and assignments. Chat GPT will provide you the information which is plagiarism free. The information or paragraph that is provided by this tool looks like a human or college student writing that lines.

Now I will tell you about the presentation of Satya Nadella at the Microsoft Event that is held on Tuesday.


Microsoft Event

Microsoft Event

Open AI language-powered Bing and Edge will launch on Tuesday for a limited time. At that event, Microsoft said that the new open AI language-powered Bing Search and Edge browser will be launched on Tuesday. There is no information regarding the mobile version according to them. The version is launched for limiting review they can test for some time. It means that users have a limited number of queries to search on the new AI for starting time period. 

The Company said if there is a waitlist that is available for the full version. The waitlist will be available in the upcoming weeks for millions of people. They also plan to launch the mobile version of Bing.

After a few times Microsoft Company said to the reporter, we are planning to launch the version of AI language in all browsers. But we will start with the Edge browser because it has some unique features as compared to its competitive browsers.  


Microsoft event is starting:

We are Operating on short notice, 70 journalists are sitting in the room where the presentation begins and going underway. The media outlets from different abroad in the US are the representative. In that event, the Microsoft CEO, Microsoft Manager, and other staff of Microsoft Company are included.

Open AI CEO Sam Altman on new Feature:

Open AI CEO Sam Altman on new Feature

The CEO said confirmed that Microsoft joined a few of the Open AI language technologies to Bing so that it increases his capabilities. The meaning of the statement is that the new feature Open AI has few technologies of Chat GPT that are used in Bing. So that Edge Browser will improve its capabilities. They are not choosing Chat GPT itself just some tools of Chat GPT.

Open AI language AI-powered Bing homepage:

Open AI bing homepage.jpg

The new Open AI-powered Bing has a chat box through which you can chat with the tool and get information. Microsoft announces the homepage of their new feature-powered Bing and Edge browsers. The tool will answer the questions that you ask it.

Features of the new Microsoft Bing:

Give an Answer to your Question similar to Chat GPT provide an answer to their user.

 Create a route or path you like you can ask it to make a 5-day trip to America.

When you ask these types of questions then it will give you some related questions like “How much cost this trip will cost us”. So you can also ask a few questions from the related FAQs.

Nadella promises a new chart for search:

Satya discussed some of the work related to the new AI on which they are working. It is specially referring to the search engine. We are showing you the innovation regarding this feature. We are working on it for a long time and our Company staff is excited to launch this search feature. Additionally,, he said that it’s a new day of the search, the innovation is coming, the new chart of the search engine.

Satya Nadella is on Stage at the Microsoft event:

Satya Nadella is on Stage at the Microsoft event:

The CEO of Microsoft Satya talk about the Chat GPT feature which is launched last year. He said that the feature is the only thing on the holiday the whole family chat with. It is crazy about the new technology. He said that the Chat GPT technology will reshape the category of software in the upcoming days.


Microsoft announces its new Ai open language powered Bing and Microsoft Edge. The event is held and the Company announces this news.  The Company claims that the new feature of open AI is more powerful than Chat GPT.

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