Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Go Greek Review

A three guys program where they go on a journey to explore exotic coasts, vehicles, and cultures is what you need. The made-up scenarios, forced conversation, terrible programmed links, and the amusing inclusion of mistakes are neither funny nor bloopers. The pathetically frail masculinity is on full display. Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Go Greek, the installment of the franchise, features all of this.


Where It Was Filmed:

The three noisy foodies mostly traveled on land as they explored Europe and America on their prior road excursions. This time, though, they are traveling by catamaran to tour the Greek islands, beginning with Crete’s pastry-making and lobster diving among shipwrecks. They next travel to the stunning, historic town of Chania on the island, where they indulge in a local specialty called bougatsa a filo pastry packed with sheep’s cheese.


Gordon, Fred, and Gino: Go Greek is charming and entertaining. It’s brief but has just enough punch to have you smiling one minute and sobbing the next as the party explores the stunning Greek islands and indulges in the local cuisine. You can tell it’s just a two-episode job because this first episode feels a little rushed and ends before you realize it. However, it whets your thirst just enough. Everything from catamaran escapades to jet ski races to crab catching. And mud massages flies by in the blink of an eye. It only pauses for a touching moment as Gino remembers his late mother. There is something for everyone, from Crete to Santorini, Mykonos, and then Athens.

Greek islands

In this, the two of them will be driving their RV through the stunning Greek islands. And the ancient city of Athens on an epic trip unlike any other. There will be both bromance and fighting while jet ski racing, catamaran island hopping, and shipwreck diving. With an abundance of delicious food, including the freshest lobster, chefs Gordon. And Gino hope to show that Greece’s culinary prowess is on par with the best in Europe. The group will start their journey in Crete, the largest island in Greece. Then go to stunning Santorini, the party island of Mykonos, and finally the capital city of Greece, Athens, and the monasteries of Meteora. Fans were upset when it was revealed that this new “go Greek” series will only have two episodes.


Overall, Gordon, Fred, and Gino With upscale cuisine in place of thundering engines Go Greek! was essentially “vintage” Top Gear. And with more wink-wink jokes than a double bill of carrying On. And this will have been well received by people who appreciated both high-end meals and loud laughter.

On the other hand, viewers who are emotionally 12 or older might have become discouraged by a travel documentary that prioritized rib-tickling over insight.