How Do I Get Notifications From Snapchat On My Apple Watch?

Do you want the Snapchat alert to appear on your Apple Watch? If so, here we explain how to do it to you in this post. As you may already be aware, the Apple Watch does not support the Snapchat app. However, it does not prevent you from receiving notifications from Snapchat on your Apple Watch.


How Do I Get Notifications From Snapchat on My Apple Watch?

The procedure is separated into two sections.


  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Select Notifications
  • Select the Snapchat notification
  • Turn the Sounds switch to on
  • Start the Snapchat application
  • After doing so, select the Settings button
  • Select Notifications


  • Open the paired Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Open settings and select Notifications.
  • Hit the Mirror iPhone Alerts button. from option

You should now see Snapchat notifications on your Apple Watch after checking all the apps that have notifications enabled.

How Can I Access The Snapchat App On Apple Watch?

Although the Snapchat app cannot be downloaded to an Apple smartwatch, it may be accessed using Safari. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to check stories or open the Snap map.


You simply:

  • Hold down the left side of your Apple Watch’s crown while pressing it.
  • Waiting for the launch of Siri.
  • Say back to her at
  • Look up “Snapchat Online”
  • Wait for the search result to appear before entering the credentials for your Snapchat account.

Why Is There No Native Snapchat App For The Apple Watch?

There is an easy solution. It is a result of the Apple watch’s lack of a camera. You can still access Snapchat on your smartwatch using Safari or Google Chrome if that’s any consolation. Just keep in mind what we said about not being able to check posts or open your snap map.

Why Does The Apple Watch Not Support Snapchat Notifications?

There are numerous potential causes for this, but one of them might be a bug. WatchOS can be updated to help. On your watch, perform the following:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General
  • Click the Software Updates
  • On the screen, tap the firmware file.

Of course, your linked iPhone can also be having issues. How to update it is as follows:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click Software Updates under General.
  • If you see a firmware file, tap it.