You Can Swim While Wearing An Apple Watch

Is the Apple Watch a great companion for people who enjoy the water? The Apple Watch has proven itself as a fantastic smartwatch for running and cycling. Can you swim with an Apple Watch even though it has swimming workout modes? Is it a wise decision? Below, we take a closer look.


How Does A Swim Workout Start?

It’s quite simple to begin a swimming workout on Apple Watch. The Workout app should first be opened on your Apple Watch. Choose Pool Swim as your workout if you’re training in a pool or Open Water Swim if you’re in the lake or ocean.

To change your calorie, distance, or time goals, hit the More (three-dot) icon. You can also tap to begin the workout. You must use the digital crown to adjust the pool length if you chose Pool Swim. The calculation of the distance and laps will be more accurate as a result.

Before starting a swimming workout, there are a few things to keep in mind. To begin with, in this situation, supported Apple Watches will instantly activate Water Lock mode. To prevent accidental touches from being recorded, this option turns off the Apple Watch screen. To pause and continue swim exercises, simultaneously press the side button and digital crown.


How Do You Dry Your Apple Watch?

When your swimming session is over, the Apple Watch will prompt you to flip the digital crown to turn off Water Lock mode. The Apple Watch will then begin its water ejection process, which involves playing a series of tones to eliminate any remaining water that has become trapped in its speaker.

The water ejection procedure can also be started manually. To access the control center on your Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom of the clock face. Then, Select the Water Lock (drop of water) icon. To unlock the screen, turn the digital crown.

Can You Swim While Wearing An Apple Watch?

Yes. Due to their 5 ATM rating, more recent Apple Watch models are water-resistant up to 50 meters. If you stay above this acceptable level, you can even go shallow diving while wearing the watch. In the Workout app on more recent Apple Watches, swimming is an option.


The business, therefore, thinks you can wear your watch when going out on the open ocean or to the closest pool. Notably, the Apple Watch Series 2 or later is the only model to carry this water-resistant rating. You shouldn’t immerse the Series 1 and first-generation gadgets because they lack water resistance standards.

You Can Swim An Apple Watch

What Is 5 ATM In Terms Of The Water Resistance Of The Apple Watch?

Compared to the more widely used IP (ingress protection) system, the older ATM rating which takes atmospheric pressure into account is a water resistance rating system. Water-resistant smartwatches and fitness trackers typically have a 5 ATM rating.

This value essentially indicates that the Apple Watch can withstand water pressures of five atmospheres, or a depth of 165 feet, under normal circumstances (just over 50 meters). This practically means that your watch is safe from brief submersions, such as that which might occur in a swimming pool.