How To Use An Apple Watch To Monitor Your Heart Rate

Apple Watch To Monitor Heart Rate

Do you need to monitor your heart rate regularly? The heart rate monitor that comes with your Apple Watch can automatically show your heart rate before, during, and after a workout. With apple watch, you can compare your current heart rate with your resting heart rate and walking heart rate using the heart rate monitor. Additionally, you can tell the watch to alert you if your heart rate suddenly increases while you’ve been inactive.


New workout modes for dance, core training, useful strength training, and cool down have been added by Apple with watchOS 7, and all of them track your heart rate as you work up a sweat. Additionally, the updated sleep tracker in-built will track and record your heart rate while you sleep.

Ensure that your Apple Watch is running the most recent software. Go to General > Software Update in the Watch app on your phone. If your software is up to date, the app will either let you know or urge you to download and install the most recent version. Let’s now examine how to track your heart rate using the Apple Watch.

Check Your Heart Rate

On the Apple Watch’s home screen, open the Heart Rate app. The capabilities of the app are explained in a message if you haven’t used it yet. When you select Next, a new message explaining how the Heart app can alert you when your heart rate exceeds 120 beats per minute will appear. Once you click Turn On, the watch will now notify you if your heart rate rises after 10 minutes of inactivity.


The app then shows you your heart rate right now. To view your daily resting heart rate, swipe up the screen. Swipe up one more to view your daily average heart rate while walking. To view all three heart rates at once, tap the Current link at the top of the screen.

Instead of going through the home screen, you can more directly reach the Heart Rate monitor. Simply change the watch face on your device to a heart-shaped one, such be the Activity face, Breathe face, Color face, or Modular face. The Heart Rate app can be added to any face that allows complications. To get your current heart rate, tap the heart icon on the watch’s face. As your heart rate rises or falls, you can configure the heart rate monitor to notify you. Go to Settings > Heart on your watch to perform this action. Set the beats per minute (BPM) to a specific value by clicking the entry for High Heart Rate Notifications.

Back on the previous screen, select the Low Heart Rate Notifications option by tapping it. Set the BPM to a specific value. Then, for 10 minutes, your watch will alert you if your heart rate varies from the set limits.